The Best Little K/Smas Zine in Texas

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Title: The Best Little K/Smas Zine in Texas
Publisher: W.H.I.P.S. of Houston/DOBS of Houston
Date(s): December 1982
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Best Little K/Smas Zine in Texas is a slash Star Trek: TOS 56-page anthology. It was never sold but copied and given away. It has a sister zine called Best Little Valentine Zine in Texas. It was published by W.H.I.P.S. of Houston/DOBS of Houston. "DOBS" is a reference to Dirty Old Broads.

"The Best Little K/Smas Zine in Texas, published in December, is another type of zine we’re seeing more of these days: a zine to celebrate a special event. When thirteen writers gathered for a Christmas party, the fun must continue in the form of a free zine. (As a note said: “This publication is Not for Sale at any price but we’ll share it with anybody foolish enough to ask.”) [1]


Summaries below from Gilda F.

  • Round Yon Virgin by Mary & Katherine (gen, Spock and Kirk try to trim the tree.)
  • Untitled Story by Kathy (Kirk and Spock, now lovers, celebrate their first Christmas.)
  • T'was the Night Before by Cynthia (an incomplete story, McCoy tries to think of a gift for Kirk that his captain will actually like.)
  • Christmas Gifts by Kris (Realizing that Spock misses his home during times of celebration as much as he does, Kirk attempts to create Vulcan in the shipʼs garden.)
  • Christmas is for Little Boys of All Ages by Elaine (Since Kirk seems unable to wait for morning, Spock suggests opening their Christmas gifts when they awake in the middle of the night.)
  • All I Want for Christmas by Barb (Kirk and Spock share Christmas, and more, on Kirk's farm.)
  • For the Man Who Has Everything or What to Get a Vulcan for Christmas by Lezlie (Kirk is unaware of the significance of his Christmas gift to Spock, a vase-like object he picked up on his last planetfall..) (reprinted a year later in Out of Bounds Overflow)

Reactions and Reviews

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  1. ^ from The K/S Zine: The Time of the Beginning 1976-1985