The BF/RK 2002 Round Robin Fanzine

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Title: The BF/RK 2002 Round Robin
Publisher: Lionheart Distribution
Date(s): 2002
Series?: no
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
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The BF/RK 2002 Round Robin is a 200-page slash anthology of Fraser/Kowalski stories. Color cover and interior art by Shar.

cover by Shar

Summary from the publisher, "Three stories, one from the Serge mailing list (online) and two new. All happy endings. Stories: The Night The Lights Went Out, Twists and Turns, The Saga Continues: or “Who Shot J.R, Mountie Style” Excerpt from Twists And Turns: ‘So now I’m lying here, listening to his deep, quiet breathing, completely tired, but completely awake, because here in Chicago, partners don’t sleep together like this, and I'm not sure what to about that.'"