The Assessment

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Assessment
Author(s): Elizabeth Donnelly
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Assessment is a Kirk/Spock story by Elizabeth Donnelly.

It was published in Soumates.

Reactions and Reviews

"The Assessment" by Elizabeth Donnelly is a 29 page story in SOULMATES 1 which only has two stories in it. The title of this refers to a procedure by which Star Fleet captains are evaluated periodically, and this takes six weeks. Be warned I give the plot away in my summary. During this assessment period, Kirk who is not turned on by men turns down a man who propositions him. Later this man and a friend rape and beat him. Kirk, of course, has a hard time dealing with the rape. Later back on the Enterprise, McCoy forces him to face up to the situation and deal with it. Spock learns of this rape and reveals his love to Kirk. Later, they become lovers. Another assessment follows and somehow someone has let news of the rape get around and this makes it tough on Kirk, but he manages. When he returns from this assessment, he and Spock bond and everything ends happily. I like the story because it has a happy ending, but it, also, doesn't trivialize the effects of rape. It's well written. Looking back at my summaries I've done over the past six months, I realize I have rather made this story sound like the novel THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE which was T'HY'LA 2. The two stories are completely different. I only mention them together now because my really brief summaries don't do justice to all the small twists and turns of the stories. This story is not nearly as harsh and graphic as the other story. And Kirk is not nearly the victim in this story as he was in the other one. [1]


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