The Advocate's Deli

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Title: The Advocate’s Deli
Editor(s): Julie Evans
Date(s): 1992-?
Medium: print zine
Genre: gen
Fandom: War of the Worlds
Language: English
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The Advocate’s Deli is a gen War of the Worlds anthology.

From the Submission Request

is a proposed new fan/letterzine which is accepting fiction, art, cover art, news, articles, interviews, previews/ reviews, opinions, profiles, letters, ads, teasers, puzzles, jokes, convention news, convention experiences (w/photos], filler, and suggestions. Also offered is a pen pal service. Based on WOW, for WOW fans. Accepting both first and second season materials. This amateur 'sine is strictly edit free. SASE for more details. Welcome stories of time-travel, crossovers, alternate universes, and resurrection. Looking for variety, entertainment, and fun in stories. Stories should be ten pages or more. [1]

Issue 1

submission request printed in The Blackwood Project #11
cover of issue #1, Amy Butzlaff

The Advocate's Deli 1 was published in 1992 and contains 160 pages.

  • Q'Tara's Poetic Delights (poems)
    • A Penney's Worth of Perception by Gillian Holt (20)
    • Requiem for a Soldier by Bethany Daystar (47)
    • Even Now by Cheryl Benson (77)
    • A Blessing by Cheshire Delacroix (141)
  • Quinn's Dessert Galleria (art)
    • front cover by Amy Butzlaff
    • Suzanne (Second Season) by Lana Merkel (19)
    • Debi by Lana Merkel (42)
    • Ironhorse and Harrison by Catherine Gilbert (43)
    • Ironhorse by Lana Merkel (46)
    • In Your Dreams ala Fangs by Tina Jakes, contributed by Cheshire Delacroix (65)
    • Hand Over Earth, Reaching for Mothership (V) by Kathy Neal (78)
    • Firing War Machines Over Martian by David John (136)
    • portraits by Bill O'Connor (137)
  • Miscellaneous Edibles
    • cartoons (142)
    • Planet of the Former Boyfriends, Steve Shewmaker (142)
    • a LoC by Carol Keogh (159)

Issue 2

The Advocate's Deli 2


  1. from The Blackwood Project #11