The 100 Rare Pairs Challenge

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Name: The 100 Rare Pairs Challenge
Date(s): July - October, 2015
Moderator(s): pandorasbox, flonkertons, 9crimes, starmist, slytherinclarke
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: The 100
Associated Community:
URL: thehundredrarepairs; archive link
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The 100 Rare Pairs Challenge was a fanfiction challenge with the goal of creating stories for less represented pairings in The 100 fandom.

The Hundred Rare Pairs is a fic writing challenge to grow the number of fics on ao3 for those pairings we love, but haven’t quite received as much attention as they deserve. We hope this will demonstrate the interest in reading fanworks of these rare pairs and inspire more writers to contribute works featuring rarely depicted ships.[1]

The only two pairings excluded from the challenge were Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin and Clarke Griffin/Lexa as they were the two most prominent pairings on Archive of Our Own. Authors could choose any rare pairing or prompt they wanted and were paired with a Beta. All fics had to be a minimum of 3000 words.