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This template is designed for use in the Fanlore Bingo Challenge. Please refer to the Bingo Challenge Help page for more information and instructions on how to take part!

Beginner Bingo Card

Copy and paste the below code onto your User Page to get your Bingo Card. As you go along, fill in the space next to each = with a link to or description of your edit, and the square will become completed. Get Bingo (three squares in a row) or Blackout (all squares completed) to win a badge!

To get the Expert Bingo Card template, check out this page.

{{Fanlore Beginner Bingo 2020

| internal-link = 
| infobox = 
| userpage = 

| new-section = 
| broken-link = 
| typo = 

| stub = 
| talk-page=
| image = 

The Template

Add an internal link Add missing information to an infobox on any page Add to your user page
Add a new section to a page Fix a broken link Fix a typo
Add an extra line to a stub page Leave your thoughts on a Talk page and sign your comment with ~~~~ Add an image to a page