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Title: Tatters
Author(s): Martha
Date(s): 07 September 2000 - 13 February 2005
Length: 261,079 words
Genre: horror
Fandom: The Sentinel, Stargate SG-1, Angel the Series, Cthulhu Mythos
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Tatters is a fanfiction crossover series by Martha. It consists of three parts and is named for the last part of the series. The first two parts are gen, the last part slash.

  • Unsleeping (99,337 words) - Blair is betrayed into the hands of necromancers, and Jim discovers that neither his gun nor his senses are any use against the dead. Now that Rainier University's darkest secrets have exploded into the light, will anyone in Cascade ever get a good night's sleep again?
  • Lovely (51,468 words) - Sequel to Unsleeping. Daniel Jackson goes looking for peace in the aftermath of "Absolute Power" and "The Light." Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in Cascade, Washington—The Most Dangerous City in America.
  • Tatters (110,274 words) - Sequel to Lovely and the conclusion of the series. It's the end of the world. If no one stops it.

Recs and Reviews

Martha's Unsleeping series is a gigantic crossover Sentinel/Cthulhu/SG-1/Angel, made up of three complete plotfics. The first where Cthulhu Cultists try to sacrifice Blair in order to resurrect one of their members from the dead. The second where Daniel is being chased by SG-1 and Shadowy Cthulhu minions after a trip to a strange dead planet alters his brain. The last where someone manipulates Angel's crew into trying to reawaken Cthulhu with the help of Daniel and Blair, who both are magically tainted by their earlier experiences. About 250 K. Complete. Actually any fics by those three are good and meaty.[1]


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