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Name: Tasha Miller
Alias(es): tashamiller2k
Type: fan writer, moderator, webmaster
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Popular, Roswell, Disney RPF, etc.
URL: FanFiction.net / LiveJournal / Tumblr / Twitter
Tasha Miller at Realm of the Shadow (Wayback)
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Tasha Miller (a.k.a. tashamiller2k) is a multifandom femslash fan writer. She was also the owner of a number of fansites and mailing lists.


In March 2002, Tasha was interviewed through the PopularSlash mailing list. She wrote:

"[I write] quite simply because I love it! It's my creative outlet. I have a very active imagination and writing helps clear my head of all my ideas [...] I've written a number of shows and a couple of original works, I'm mostly writing Popular and Harry Potter at the moment, but I have written Roswell and Buffy in the past along with others."[1]

In September 2003, Tasha announced that she would be closing all her Homestead sites.[2]

Groups & Websites Run by Tasha


Tasha has 39 stories in 14 fandoms posted to FanFiction.Net, where she has had an account since November 25, 2000. She also posted her fanfiction to a Homestead site, and later moved her Buffy stories to an Angelfire website,

Other fanworks:


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