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A tape show was a fan gathering.

Before wide access to VCRs, fans had to rely on television re-runs, which were often oddly scheduled, and at the mercy of advertisements and random editing, to watch their favorite shows.

One such tape show was advertised in Beta-Niobe (August 1983). It was to be held at the home of Janet Ellicott, who included her address and telephone number. The scheduled shows were September 10: Blake's 7, October: no tape show because of Galacticon, November 19: Battlestar Galactica (1978), and December 17: Blake's 7. "There will be a charge of 50p per person to cover light refreshments. I can also provide lunch at 1£ for anyone booking in advance but you may bring sandwiches or go out and buy takeaway. Zines, tapes etc will be on sale."

A much larger, more formal "tape show" was Bob Johnson's Star Trek Marathons.