Tannhauser Gate

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Title: Tannhauser Gate
Author(s): trinityofone, artist: newkidfan
Date(s): 4 May 2006 (story and art), 19 September 2009 (podfic)
Length: 2900 words (story), 0:21:20 hours (podfic)
Genre: slash, fusion, cyberpunk
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Tannhauser Gate (LJ)
Tannhauser Gate (tales of an unreal city)

newkidfan's art post on LJ

story art by newkidfan

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Tannhauser Gate is a short cyberpunk McKay/Sheppard story by trinityofone written for the Artword challenge (with the prompt "Wooden Horse"), with accompanying art by Newkidfan.

Author's Summary:

Atlantis didn't love him any more than Troy loved its wooden horse.

The story's title is a reference to the movie Blade Runner. In the fic, John slowly discovers that he is not what he thought he was.

A podfic, read by ann ciudad, was created in 2009.[1] It is hosted at the Audiofic Archive.

Sample Recs and Reviews

I have a weakness for stories about John being not quite human, and this is one of the really creepy/good ones. [2]
An absolutely brilliant short AU that subtly twists the Atlantis expedition into something totally unexpected and darkly disturbing. Disquieting is the best way to describe it I think. There's a subtle, creeping sense of wrongness to it, from the very beginning and the eventual reveal is both deeply disturbing and eerily plausible. [3]
In this Atlantis -- skewed, grittier and darker than the one we know -- the moral compromises and ethically questionable decisions happened even earlier than in canon. The gradual reveal and build-up, and the implied inevitable sad ending make this a haunting story. [4]
There's something about Sheppard, something everyone else knows, except him. Who is John Sheppard? What motivates him? This story gives us a truely terrifying answer. It's scary and beautiful and feels so real. [5]


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