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Canon vs fandom page organization?

In this article, I've moved the info on DVDs from the fandom section to the canon section. I don't know what the general policy is, but to me it makes more sense to have general facts about the series production apart from the fan productions. Obviously there's a lot of crossovers between the areas - a series cancellation has plenty of blowback in fandom - but lists of facts about DVD releases and things are more canon-related than fan-related.

Er, but that might make sense only to me. If so, easy enough to revert those sections! --Xparrot 06:10, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

Title change needed

Shouldn't the title be more specific? This is about one TV series - there have been several others, not to mention films and the original book, and other things with similar titles. See Wikipedia's disambiguation page:

I'd suggest changing this to The Invisible Man (2000) --Marcus Rowland (talk) 22:24, 30 August 2015 (UTC)

Or possibly not - seeing how many pages link to this, it would be a horrible job to change it. Maybe it's only worth doing if someone creates entries for some of the other series etc. --Marcus Rowland (talk) 22:30, 30 August 2015 (UTC)

Broken Links

The imaniacs links are broken now (like these:

Replaced them with Wayback links, but I'm not sure i got the formatting right, advise if I need to correct them? --Maitimiel (talk) 20:18, 16 June 2019 (UTC)