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Aside from the link to art and the admission there are very few fanworks based on Corman's shows, I can't see the fannish element to this page. "Fandom: Some 60+years of filmmakers and actors for starters. However, while there are a few stories based on his works on AO3, none of them have him as a character."

Longevity and productivity aside, this page needs more fandom. Does Roger Corman interact with fans in a prominent or unique way? What do Roger Corman fans call themselves? Are there Roger Corman websites created by fans (not professionally created promotional ones)? Did Roger Corman have interesting things to say about fandom, fans, and fanworks? Did Roger Corman appear on panels at cons? Without these things, this page will remain simply a placeholder for to point to things on the internet about Corman. From About Fanlore: "[Fanlore wants] to record both the history and current state of our fan communities - fan works, fan activities, fan terminology, individual fans and fannish-related events." From What Fanlore is Not: "Fanlore is not Wikipedia - either in methodology, policies, or scope.... Fanlore is not an encyclopedia of popular culture. The focus of the Fanlore wiki is fandom itself: fan works, fan activities, fan terminology, individual fans, and fannish-related events. So in essence, we are an encyclopedia of fannish culture, and we are interested in popular culture references that supports that.... Fanlore is not a repository for plot summaries, character biographies, or other canon information."

Suggestion: instead of making a page for a subject that has admittedly little known fanworks or fandom or community, make a page about a fannish subject and build things from there. For example: a essay by a fan (not a journalist or professional blogger) who has a lot to say about Roger Corman. Or an influential fic that created discussion among fans. Or a fan film that was created to "talk back" to something that Roger Corman created? --MPH (talk) 15:18, 26 March 2019 (UTC)