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recent edits by xavier

No explanation accompanies the removal of the image gallery and editor's name in the recent edits. Was that information incorrect, or is this an outing issue? Or something else?--æthel 04:51 (UTC)

Please do not re-insert the images or name. I am trying to have them removed from the histories also. Thank you. --Xavier 06:46 (UTC)

As far as I can tell, these images do not have a name attached with them. Why were they removed? We do not remove images unless they have a legal name attached. --Meri 09:45 (UTC)
If an image shows a name that's not supposed to be connected to that image, the image will be edited so that the name isn't visible anymore. Here I don't see the name on the images so I'm not sure what the problem with the images is. If the name in the article is changed to first name and last initial (or a pseud) and the history gets deleted, then there won't be any connection between the name and the images. --Doro 09:49 (UTC)
Putting aside the fact that these images are stunningly beautiful, they should go back, and [redacted] used. Then all mentions of the last name redacted. --Mrs. Potato Head 12:21 (UTC)
I went through all the images that were removed from this page. On the two below you can see (if you squint really hard and look at the very bottom) a full name. I am going to remove the last name according to the pre-1995 name policy and then reupload them so they can be linked back to this page. From there, I gather what we'll do is change any references to [redacted]. I can only find two pages on Fanlore but will keep looking.--Morgandawn 16:27 (UTC)
Image edits are done (last name removed). Found one reference to full last name still on Fanlore and redacted last name. Restored the Chapel image to the Christine Chapel page (and redacted last name on that page). Will hold off restoring images to this page for a few hours to see if there is any further input/feedback. --Morgandawn 16:35 (UTC)
Wow, I didn't see that. Your eyes are much sharper than mine. :) Thanks for editing the images. --Doro 16:46 (UTC)
Doro, you'd need a magnifying glass to see any text. I had to blow the image up to 200% and by then the name was almost too pixelated to read. Since jpg text is not google-able there is little risk of outing based solely on a small signature in a low res scan. More important is the last name redaction from the actual wiki pages. That is assuming that the use of the full name of [redacted] is the reason for the images being removed. We have no idea who - or why - the images were removed. But I'd rather act now and err on the side of caution.--Morgandawn 16:51 (UTC)
Thank you Aethel for redacting the other images. Like Doro, I didn't even see the names on a few of those others. One question: Will we be restoring the zine editor/art credit info using the pre-1995 name policy? [redacted] And has anyone been in contact with Xavier to understand what (if any) his/her concerns might be?--Morgandawn 19:54 (UTC)
The wiki committee has been in contact with Xavier, who is very concerned about outing. In this case, it was decided that first name-last initial was not enough of a safeguard, so I have been redacting the name from the wiki in accordance with the decision. And I'll be redacting the name from this page in a moment.--æthel 01:06(UTC)
Thank you for providing the update. It might be helpful to also add this to the zine (as well as the image pages): "Artist/editorial information has been removed at the creator's request." The reason you might want to do this is that this particular artist/editor's name is already listed on other non-Fanlore websites in connection with the fanzine and someone might stumble across it there and might decide to add the info back here. A remote possiblity, but I know we take privacy issues seriously here and I'd prefer to reduce the margin for inadvertent error. --Morgandawn 01:19 (UTC)
Sounds like a good idea.--æthel 01:25 (UTC)
I'm glad these unique and beautiful images are staying up, and second æthel's above remark. --Mrs. Potato Head 01:28 (UTC)