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Newsletter Community
Name: TS Newsletter
Date(s): 2006 to present
Moderator: hermitsoul
Founder: hermitsoul
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: TS Newsletter on Livejournal
TS Newsletter on InsaneJournal
TS Newsletter on Dreamwidth

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TS Newsletter is a weekly newsletter for The Sentinel fandom.[1] New issues were initially posted every Friday; currently the posting day is Sunday.

In deference to the many fans that exist off LJ/DW, the newsletter also links to fanworks posted to the three major fandom archives: Cascade Library, 852 Prospect, and Artifact Storage Room 3. Fanworks posted in My Mongoose are included as well.

In March 2008 murklins graciously donated a delicious script that greatly helped automate the coding process.[2] The newsletter is currently crossposted to LJ, DW, and IJ. As of November 2012, it remains active.


From the LJ profile page:

What will be included -

News: A summary of any news pertaining to The Sentinel fandom.
Announcements: A round up of all challenges and announcements made in the past week.
Meta/Discussion: A list of who's talking about what!
Fic: A listing of all new stories posted in the last week on LiveJournal or submitted to one of the major fandom archives. Ratings will be noted if given.
Episode Reviews: Because no matter how often we've seen them, there's always something new to talk about!
Icons/FanArt: A listing for all new icon and fanart posts; warnings (such as not work safe) will be noted if given.
Vids: Links for new vids will be to the announcement post. Please follow the vidder's instructions for downloading.
Recs: A list of what's been recced and by who.

This Week's Spotlight Site: Occasionally ts_newsletter will shine a spotlight on an exceptional fandom website that new fans might not know about and older fans might have overlooked or forgotten.

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