Túrin Turambar

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Name: Túrin Turambar
Location: Doriath,
Status: Deceased
Relationships: Beleg (friend), Morwen (mother), Nienor Níniel (sister), Urwen Lalaith (sister), Húrin (father), Thingol (adoptive father)
Fandom: The Silmarillion
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Túrin was the son of Morwen and Húrin. His father was captured alive during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and in order to keep him safe, his mother sent him to Doriath to be raised by Thingol and Melian. There he met Beleg, who remained his best friend until his death, by Túrin himself, on a tragic accident.

Túrin's life was heavily influenced by a curse put on his family by Morgot, and he while he fought hard against it, ultimately his every effort contributed to his doom and that of those around him. He committed suicide after learning that, unknowingly, he had married and impregnated his sister Nienor.


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