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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: T'Mar's Slash Page
Author: T'Mar
Dates: 28 January 1997[1] or before - October 2004[2]
Fandom: Due South, Highlander, The Sentinel, Forever Knight
URL: http://fast.co.za/~tmar/slash/welcome.html (1999, Wayback)
http://tmar.za.net/slash/welcome.html (2001, Wayback)
T'Mar's Slash Page.png
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T'Mar's Slash Page is a site with pages for fanfiction, rants, an explanation of what slash is, T'Mar's view on slash, favorite slash couples, slashy dialogue, favorite lines from slash stories, "Love Is... Due South style" and links.

The fanfiction page includes fanfiction for Due South (slash and adult), Highlander (slash), The Sentinel (slash), Forever Knight (adult).

The page was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and listed in the Slash Page Database Project.[3] The fanfic subpage was a member of the Tuktoyaktuk Travelling Library and the Sentinel Slash Webring.[4]

In 2001 the page moved to a new URL where the former Forever Knight section became a miscellaneous slash page that by October 2004 also included Smallville (slash), Stargate Atlantis (slash), Sorority Boys (adult, no sex), and The Matrix (slash).[5]

Description from the Due South Slash Site: "T'Mar got me (Mitch) started posting DS slash. Need I say more? Okay, T'Mar's page has all her due South fiction, some mighty fine one-of-a-kind pictures, quotes and she very nicely acknowledges quote contributors to her site, links, and some interesting information and personal observations about slash writing. T'Mar is a prolific and talented writer. Check this site out often."[6]


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