Susan Hill

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Name: Susan Hill
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Professionals
Communities: Lysator
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Susan Hill is a slash fan whose first fandom was Blake's 7 which she discovered the late 1980s. In 2010, she outlined her journey into fandom:

"I furtively bought a fan magazine - don't remember which one - and studied the advertisements. I found Blake's 7 zines listed, and sent for them at once. Some were mysteriously described as slash. I also occurred to me that these magazines might discuss the show in some way so I searched magazine indexes and found that one of our local public libraries might have the last few years. There I came upon articles, and advertisements for buying specific back issues. I wrote away for those with B7 in them. Mail began arriving, including zines. The zines had ads from which more could be purchased, at less cost that what I'd been paying commercial dealers. ... I discovered what slash meant, and found it fit very well into the relationship I was seeing between Blake and Avon. Great times, but I still had no one to share it with. The timing gets uncertain here; I discovered a lot of things in 1990-1992. The zines introduced me to a B7 apa; it might have been The Neutral Arbiter, or that might have come later. I found and subscribed to two British B7 newsletters with more sources for zines, British this time. Money poured out, mail poured in.... Net access was very limited at this time; most people got it through a university, as a student or employee. My library finally saw fit to give staff Bitnet accounts, and I found my way to the Blakes 7 alt. science fiction group run by Calle D. on a Swedish university server. There was a lot of detailed discussion there, and a classic slash-anti-slash argument. A Slash Defense document was created there's an early, although certainly not the earliest, example of dealing with the slash argument with gen-only fans. I must have seemed slash-friendly, because sherrold was looking for slash fans with net access for her Virgule mailing list and asked me to join it. This was the best fannish thing that could have happened to me, because there I met a local long-term fan whose office was just 3 buildings down the quad from mine. Through her and the other local fans I met I got to MediaWestCon, ZebraCon, the Pros lending library, and met a number of people who enriched the 1990s for me, and some I still know today."Source: "Gateway Fandom," Susan's blog dated May. 14th, 2011.

She also was a frequent attendee at MediaWest hosting the Virgule-L mailing list party for several years. In 2009 she donated a large portion of her Blake's 7 fanzine collection to the Fanzine Archives and a collection was established in her name.