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A partial list of the monthly and yearly awards offered at the site. The awards were a combination of both viewer's choice (voted on by forum members) and selected by fan judges. Judges also awarded merit awards (The Winchester Awards) and an annual winner was selected from the monthly Vidder Challenges. The judges awards often included detailed commentary and analysis of the vid and custom award banners were created for all vids that won awards.

In depth award information, along with the 'look and feel' has been recreated for the first year, 2007. The remaining years currently only contain lists of awards and winners.

Awards Rules and Overview

From the Award FAQ:

  • Vidders' Challenges: "Each month, there is a Vidders' Challenge where a video prompt is given, and vidders participating have to make a video from this prompt, e.g. if the prompt is scary, then vidders must make a scary video, and so on. The members of the forum then vote for the top three videos that they think best fulfil the given prompt.
  • Video of the Month:Also each month, we gather together all of the videos that have won gold awards (see details of our award scheme HERE) and run a tournament where the members vote for their favourite video that month. At the end of the year, all of the Video of the Month winners throughout the year are gathered together in the Video of the Year tournament!
  • Annual SVS Awards: Forget the Oscars--it's time for a real awards show! Every year at SVS, we have our very own awards--there are lots of things up for grabs! We have Open Polls, where vidders and members alike decide their favourite video from each category, e.g. Best Promo, Best Angst, Best Dean-centric, etc. We also have Vidders' Challenge Entry of the year, and that coveted Video of the Year! As a little something extra, the staff pick one video each as their Mods' Choice - one video from the whole year that they have loved, for their own reasons - and also give Awards of Merit to a few videos that just have that something special."[1]
Intro for the 1st annual awards in 2007

The SVS Award Scheme: "The top award in this scheme is the Gold award. This will be bestowed upon those vidders who show exceptional vidding skills, exceptional use of song and have an original idea. However, don't be fooled into thinking that doing only one of these things will net you this elusive award - we want to see all three! For example, if you had an original idea but made little use of the song and/or your video was quite poorly executed, it would be unlikely that you would get a Gold. Which brings us neatly onto the next award...

The second award in this scheme is the Silver award. This will be awarded to videos that have an original idea, but not executed as well as they could be, or videos that are well executed but maybe don't have a very original idea. Silver videos are videos that are just that 'special something' away from achieving a Gold award.

The third and final award in this scheme is the Bronze award. This will be awarded to videos that, previous to the introduction of this scheme, may have not received a special award. The Mod Team felt that there are some videos that teeter on the no special award/silver award line that really do deserve some recognition, but maybe are not good enough for a shiny Silver.

As the people on the site who are judging the videos, it would be highly unfair to just give ourselves Gold awards because 'we're amazing vidders'; that's not how we see ourselves. Just like everyone at SVS, we're amateurs, and always learning. Therefore, all admin and mod vids will be submitted with an 'SVS Staff Video' picture.

And just in case you're wondering - yes, there is a point to the award scheme! Every month, all the videos that have received Gold Awards will be entered into a contest to find the best video of that month, and not only will the videos retain their Gold Award, but they will receive the Video of the Month award also! Then, at the end of the year, all 12 'Video of the Month' vids will be entered into a contest to find the best video of the year!"[2]

Year 2007

See results year 2007.

Viewer's Choice Awards

  • 2007 Video of the Year. "Massive congratulations and big da respeck to Kitty, whose masterpiece, The 6 Between Us (also winner of 2007's Best Sam-Centric) has officially won the title of Best of the Best 2007's Video of the Year! This stunner of a video combines the perfect song, perfect clip choices and masterful use of outside material to weave a powerful, jaw-dropping character study on Sam and his relationship with the Yellow-Eyed Demon."
  • 2007 Best Recap Vid. "Lepcis Magna" by thandie.
  • 2007 Episodic: The Inside The Box Award. Lsketch42 "What Is And What Should Never Be" recap video, What Can Never Be.
  • 2007 Best Sam Centric. Kitty, The 6 Between Us
  • 2007 Best Dean Centric: The Big Brother Award. "Father, Mother, Sister, Brother" by [name illegible]
  • 2007 Best Drama: 'And Then We Blew It Up' Award. Missing by NYCalls0909.
  • 2007 Best Romance: The Chick-Flick Award. Love in Blue by Lsketch42.
  • 2007 Comedy: The Laugh-A-Lot Award. Supernatural in the Park by haylock.
  • 2007 Best Promo: The Building of the Hype Award. Carol of the Supernatural by Dragonfly.
  • 2007 Best Angst:The Emo Puppy Award. When My Time Comes by hay1lock.
  • 2007 Most Unique: The Holy Kripke! Award. Dean Can Do Drugs by Ooziebub
  • 2007 Best Action: The Shoot Em Up Award. In A Day's Work by Lsketch42
  • 2007 Best AU: Tell Me A Story Award. Ritual Habitual by AlcoholicPixie
  • 2007 Best Wincest: Even Though They're Brothers Award. The Scars of All I'll Ever Know by dayln03
  • 2007 Vidder's Challenge: The They Made Me Do It Award. Stupid by Kitty.

Judge's Choice Awards

2007 Judge's Choice Award banner, designed specifically for NYCalls0909's vid
"Well... when I was first thinking of different vids which I could give my Judge's Choice award to, one immediately stuck out to me (even though I tried to tell myself that this was hardly fair, and it deserved time and consideration :lol: ). Even AFTER the aforementioned time and consideration, I was still stuck on this one same video, and so... my Judge's Choice award goes to the stunning 'Missing' by NYCalls0909.

The understated use of slow motion in this video is something that really gets to me every single time that I watch it, and I love the way that Katie so seamlessly alternates between Sam and Dean's different points of view - Dean knows that all of his life, and still to the present day, something has been missing (a home, a love, a family), yet he's powerless to do anything about it. Sam knows that all of his life, he has had Dean there to protect him, but he knows that Dean will soon be gone and he's having to get used to the idea that something will be missing. Katie conveys this absolutely perfectly, with beautiful clip choices and her working of the song.

The parts that really get to me the most out of the whole videos are the numbers on the instrumental parts of the song - not only are they timed just right in their execution, not only the fact that the blur effect Katie uses on them is a really cool touch, but what those numbers symbolise. During Dean's last year, the boys are going through the same cycles, over and over again, right until the very end - the very last day, and that's the most painful thought of all.

This video just embodies everything that is season three - it flawlessly showcases the boys' respective emotions throughout Dean's year so far and stunningly builds up to a quietly powerful speculative ending with is nothing short of a beautiful tragedy. Hats off to NYCalls0909!
custom award banner for hay1ock's "When My Time Comes"
"Going through the videos, writing down ones that I really like, really stood out at me - I quickly came to the conclusion that most of them were Hayley's vids. She always seems to choose songs that I haven't heard of but are so perfect and so right for the vids. Not only that but, she uses them in a way that really pulls emotions from you when you watch the vid, makes you think, and conveys all the things that the show is truly about. She's just such a smart vidder in that way and I love it.

I chose 'When My Time Comes' because I can't watch that vid and not get choked up. The song, like I said, is a beautiful choice for the subject matter of the vid. After this vid I can't help but associate it with Sam and Supernatural when I hear it. Her use of transitions and slow motion in this is just gorgeous. Lots of things like have the potential to hurt a vid, but in this vid it just works SO gorgeously. It's the kind of editing that gives you goosebumps when you watch it. Speaking of which - that girl can work WMM like a frakkin rockstar. For serious. I vaguely remember WMM and everytime I watch her vids I'm amazed at what she manages to do with it.

The vid, all around, is wonderfully angsty - it tugs at the heartstrings in both a sad and kind of happy way. Makes you realize all the good - SO much good - these boys do for everyone! How much they've lost, how much they give up, how much they mean to each other, and just how much they're willing to sacrifice for each other. It's vids like this, that make me really stop and think about all the reasons that make me love this show and it's characters, that I just love. Definitely one of my all time favorites."
Award banner for ringwench's vid
"There are a few vids which totally just get to me, whether it's because they have the ability to evoke an emotion, because (in my mind) they embody the show or just because they feel so fresh and original it's like watching a standalone movie. This vid somehow manages to do all of that.

I only came across this recently (I think I might have been on hiatus when it was first submitted) but I just fell in love with it on first viewing. Immediately, I was hooked by the fact that there were no clips of anything evil...that the video focused on Sam the person, not Sam the Hunter, or Sam the Potentially Demonic Chosen One. It's been awhile since we've seen that and personally, I will always be a Season 1 girl. There's something so simple and heartbreaking about the original premise of the series...watching Sam leave the normal life he wanted so badly and trying to find his place back in a world that held nothing but pain for him. Which is why Ringwench's decision to follow Sam's changing relationship to the Impala just feels so right, so in tune with the main theme of the show. The Impala practically IS Dean it's so a part of his love for the car is kind of a given, but it's not that simple for Sam. Watching him become at home in the Impala, you watch him remember how important his brother is to him and basically accept the life that he tried so hard to run away from.

The song is both sweet and sad, and the lyrical use is strong throughout. Visually, the editing is simple and beautiful. The whole thing just flows. The use of scenic shots, like the train, and the way she twists clips seen a million times so they seem new, like Sam looking at the letter, enhances the video and makes it seem original and fresh. Overall, the vid squeezed my heart, but having some lighter scenes in there, like Dean and the spoon, just made me want to smile and cry at the same time.

Basically, I could sit here and analyze the heck out of this video, the same way I get the urge to do with the show. And that's probably why I love it so much."
custom banner for Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
"I had a lot of vids in mind when I started thinking about my Judge's Choice and there were a few that stood out in my mind. The thing was... originally, this was not one of them. It isn't because this isn't an exceptional vid (it is); it's because this is a vid about John, from John's point of view... and since there are so few, I'd actually almost forgotten about it.

But, then I started thinking and... honestly, I think that it takes a tremendous amount of skill, determination, and bravery to put together not only a vid that centers on John (who is naught but a guest star with very little footage) and somehow still makes the brothers Winchester almost periphery, even though the footage centers quite a bit around them... but also to do so to a slow, sad showtune.

Watching this video, I don't think that a viewer needs to know the music; I don't even think that a viewer needs to know the SHOW to appreciate the deep level of loss portrayed in the storyline. Whether or not you love the Winchesters; regardless of your love or hate for Les Miserables, the fact stands that this song tells a story that SO many people know too painfully well and the video puts together a heartbreaking story of loss that anyone can understand. The thing about this video that packs a punch, though, really... is that it forces the viewer to feel the pain of losing a loved one (especially for Americans, in this time where so many fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends are being sent away to fight their last battles), while at the same time reinforcing the fact that life does go on and those fallen ones are still alive in hearts and memories.

I have yet to watch a video that makes me feel the way that this one does... it's almost more than just a mash-up of Supernatural footage to an angsty song; it's a video-ballad for anyone who has felt the way John did in it. That, in and of itself (setting aside the beautiful coloring and effects) is not only impressive, but also... heartbreakingly fascinating.

So, in the spirit of loved ones lost, and Maria's ability to produce tears and smiles alike with an unlikely combination of Supernatural and Les Miserables... I give my Judge's Choice to Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. I, personally, wouldn't have it any other way."

Winchester Awards of Merit

"Well, we’ve had a lot of things going on over the past few weeks. We’ve had many polls for you guys to decide your favourite video from a category, and even polls for you to pick out last year’s best video! But what about those videos that everyone loves but didn’t quite make the final cut? Those gems that were just pipped to the post? Or even videos that were included, but maybe deserve just that special something extra? Well, us mods here at SVS don’t like leaving anyone out, and so we decided to give out our own special awards to videos that stood out to us. These may be videos that are outstanding in their execution, their concept or their originality… whichever special quality the videos possess, they all share one thing; they are kick-ass videos that we all loved, for one reason or another."~AlcoholicPixie.
2007 Winchester Award banner designed for this specific vid, note the inclusion of an example of the masking technique
"First up, is Running Up That Hill by Brighette. We’ve given this video The Winchester Award due to its exceptional use of song and the vidder’s ability to evoke a mood and emotion.

Next up is The Heist by Starrylizard. This video combines Lizzie’s seemingly endless creativity and originality, weaving together a perfect, hilarious and clear storyline that will keep you amused long after you’ve finished watching.

Another video that was much loved at SVS in 2007 was Kitty’s Smile Like You Mean It. The winner of our Feel Good vidders’ challenge back in July/August, this video has exceptional use of music, editing and coloring, which all go together to show that the Winchester boys really DO smile once in a while :wink:

Next in line is KC’s Untitled Promo. The promo itself was an entry for last year’s Making the Cut promo competition, and went on to finish in the top nine! This video is receiving the Winchester Award due to its exceptional use of music, beats and voice-overs to create a perfectly Supernatural mood.

Another video that didn’t get NEARLY as much recognition as we feel it deserved was Stickpromo by Acme54. Acme was one of the first vidders here at SVS, and never fails to give us something to chuckle at - this video is no exception, and has been given the Winchester Award for its originality, creativity and general hilariousness.

Speaking of hilarious… :lol: One of my personal favourites from 2007 has to be Sammy’s Angsty Abstract Art Corner by Starrylizard. The video is one hundred percent, pure Lizzie at her cracktastic best, and has been given the Winchester Award due to its creativity and innovation.

Next up… another win for KC! This time around it’s her gorgeously dramatic study of the Chosen Children, Taking Control, which has received this award in recognition of its excellent use of song and emotional impact, completely trumping the usual characteristics of ‘good vidding’.

Next, we’ve got a mod favourite - it’s Supernatural vs. Prison Break by maichan! This video was picked out due to its exceptional use of outside footage, creativity, and skill in a comparative fandom crossover character study.

We’re drawing to the finish; only a few more to go now! The next award is going to Kitty, whose Stupid Girl video I think pretty much had everyone’s jaws hitting the floor! This amazing video is receiving the Winchester Award as a result of its exceptional story-telling and use of outside footage.

And the final Winchester Award for the regular SVSers goes to the awesome Poisoned by the wonderful Gentlesideoffury! This demon-centred vid is sexy and wonderful, and has been given the Winchester Award for its exceptional use of song, aesthetics, creativity and vidding skill: green screen.

We also decided that there’s a couple of staff videos deserving some love, too! The first of which goes to our beloved, absent mod Tammy (dragonfly), whose Carol of the Supernatural possesses some exceptional use of music, not to mention some stunning visuals.

The very last award in the line-up goes to Dayln, for her exceptional aesthetics and use of masking in the stunning, emotive and beautiful The Scars of All I’ll Ever Know. ~AlcoholicPixie.

Monthly Awards

    • May 2007 Video of the Month. "For the month of May, we extend congratulations to Lsketch42, and her awesome "What Is And What Should Never Be" recap video, What Can Never Be. '
sample banner designed for a monthly award winner
    • November 2007 Video of the Month. ".... the official winner of November 2007's Video of the Month is Lsketch42's Heavy. Lauren combines crystal-clear storytelling, sharp editing and stellar beat use to form an outstanding video..."
    • December 2007 Video of the Month. "AlcoholicPixie's amazing Ritual Habitual! Kayla incorporates clever editing, wicked beat use, and a killer song (literally ) in her vid to transform our mildmannered Sam Winchester into one seriously creepy dude."

Vidder's Challenges Award

  • 1st place, SouthPark MegaMix by hay1ock
  • 2nd place, Official SN Drinking Game by Lsketch42
  • 3rd place, Supernatural is F.U.N by Ooziebub

Year 2008

Viewer's Choice

banner designed for the 2008 Video of the Year
  • VIDEO OF THE YEAR - Impulse by NYCalls0909
  • Best Action -Take Me to the Hospital by Thandie
  • Best Angst - Missing (Remake) by NYCalls0909
  • Best AU - Impulse by NYCalls0909
  • Best Comedy - Channel Hopping by Ash48
  • Best Crossover - Until the Truth Becomes a Lie by Loki
  • Best Dean-Centric - Suicide Note by Sweetie
  • Best Drama - World So Cold by JessicaRae
  • Best Ensemble - Waiting by NYCalls0909
  • Best Episodic - In The Light by JessicaRae
  • Best Promo -The Dark Empire by Gentlesideoffury
  • Best Recap - SPN - A Series Recap by Gentlesideoffury
  • Best Romance - Your Warming Smile by maichan
  • Best Sam-Centric - Prelude 12-21 by wolfpup
  • Best Supporting Character Study - My Wide Eyes by NYCalls0909
  • Best Title Sequence - Blow Me Away by JessicaRae
  • Best Wincest - Guilty of Crime by Rachiefish
  • Most Unique - Impulse by NYCalls0909
  • Vidders' Challenge Entry of the Year - Ritual Habitual by AlcoholicPixie

Winchester Awards of Merit

Comments below are from AlcoholicPixie, dated Jan 31, 2009.

  • His Wings (II) by Ash48. For outstanding clip usage that really showed wonderful emotion that really complements the song.
  • How Far We've Come by Clicky_Pen. Another vid that has alot of heart. Great effort for a first time video! I wish my first vid looked like this!
  • The Only One by Consequence. The editing on this one was nicely done; good beat use and a clear story as well.
  • Towards the Light by Consequence. A fantastic AU and something we haven't seen a thousand times. Really believable.
  • Back on the Chain Gang by CrystalSC. I think this video is absolutely LOVELY. Looks great and there was alot of love that went into this you can tell.
  • Breathe Into Me by dooski. Though this is the only submission from this vidder here...I know a lot of her other works, and she's shown a lot of improvement. Great beat use, and I just enjoyed it.
  • The Final Blow by Honey. I thought this was a nicely done recap, and had good heart.
  • Dead or Alive by illyriaturner. Excellent coloring, texture, and transitions. Very creative how the vidder added Dean singing on top of the original song.
  • Blow Me Away by ish. For wonderful clip manipulations, cool effects, and a really good story idea that was easy to follow and see.
  • Rage Power by Kitty. Amazing use of effects and transitions right on the beats. Great clip choices to fit the mood of the video.
  • Exactly the Same - Remastered by Lady Manson. Outstanding improvement through use of constructive feedback.
  • This Close by maichan. Beautiful opening titles and stunning manipulation (on Sam's white eyes).
  • The Line by Musa Jalii. Excellent song choice and outstanding first video.
  • The Supernaturally Monstershow by Nicolchen84. great first submission from this vidder. I thought it had a great song choice for the show and focused on all those demon nasties we love.
  • Run for our Lives by NYCalls0909. For wonderful use of clips, smooth, awesome editing, and brilliant lyrical interpretation.
  • Stairway to Darkness by tigger325. Outstanding execution and exceptional use of editing software.

Moderator's Choice Awards

  • tigger325's Choice: Nobody Sees How Our Hearts Break by MegTDJ
  • NYCalls0909's Choice: What You Took From Me by AlcoholicPixie
  • Gentlesideoffury's Choice: Supernatural Promo (SFU Style) by NYCalls0909
  • AlcoholicPixie's Choice: War by sugarfree
  • brighette's Choice: Innocent by coastal5
  • Rachiefish's Choice: Three of a Kind by Loki
  • Ash48's Choice: A Tribute to Saving Lives by dorkinessguru
  • dorkinessguru's Choice: Life in Technicolor by Juicy1111

Year 2009

generic 2009 winner's banner

Viewer's Choice Award

  • VIDEO OF THE YEAR: coastal5 | From the Ashes
  • Best Action: alifeuncommon16 | The World Went Away
  • Best Angst:Ash48 | Hurt
  • Best AU: coastal5 | From the Ashes
  • Best Comedy: Kitty | Like a Boss
  • Best Crossover: CrystalSC | No One Like You
  • Best Dean-Centric: wolfpup | Stop and Stare
  • Best Drama: absrip | Carnival of Rust
  • Best Ensemble: jadams04 | Blindsided
  • Best Episodic: EnsignRo | Abandon All Hope
award banner for Best Title Sequence, note the animated banner actually included parts of the winning video
  • Best Feel-Good: Gentlesideoffury | The Lights Will Stay On
  • Best Promo: Nisha1912 | Counted Days
  • Best Recap: Gentlesideoffury | A Second Series Recap
  • Best Romance: coastal5 | To Have and to Hold
  • Best Sam-Centric: Loki | Ease My Pain
  • Best Supporting Character Study: coastal5 | Shades of Grey
  • Best Title Sequence: maichan | Supernatural
  • Best Wincest: absrip | Rebirthing
  • Most Unique: Ash48 | Supernatural: At the Movies
  • Vidders' Challenge Entry of the Year: Loki | Ease My Pain

Winchester Awards of Merit

(comments are from the judges)

  • Barbara's Choices: CatBeist | Bells Are Packing. Exceptional beat use.
  • Crystal's Choices:
    • ArmagonAuthor | Sick. This video is a great character study of Ruby and not just season three Ruby or season four Ruby - but both! Wonderful parallels are drawn that really make you take a look at the similarities between the two portrayals.
    • blackbetrayal | Loose the Day. What a great AU video. You're hooked instantly by the gorgeous coloring and tones with stunning overlays. The vidder gave us the classic Sam vs. Dean story but with a twist! And what a twist it was - pairing Dean with Castiel and Sam with Ruby then having a western-style showdown. The manipulation of events worked wonderfully creating interaction between characters that, in fact, shared very little screen time. It's all quite believable leading up to a heartbreaking climax. The effort and concentration of the vidder pays off in this wonderful story.
    • Liabe | The Moment I Said It. There's a flow of beauty and heartbreak captured in this season four brother study. While expressing turmoil the vidder also works in some wonderful musical moments utilizing a thoroughly haunting song.
    • NYCalls0909 | Salvation & Love. Computer issues and lack of resources couldn't keep this vidder from creating a heartfelt, layered video. Matched with a beautiful melody the vidder pulls out every nuance of Sam and Dean and displays the complex structure of their relationship in season four. You gather a sense of their character's development as their past actions are shown in effect of their present situations and interactions with one another. There's an overwhelming aura of hope, survival and love that's palpable and leaves you begging for the brothers to put their differences aside and remember who they are to themselves and each other. Only the best videos bring out the desire to reach out to the characters and this? This is one of the best.
    • phoenix39 | Poison. This video sparks with unique aesthetics from the vidder and from cleverly placed manipulations of events. It was made for a challenge which stated a clip from every episode in season four must be used. The vidder did that and still kept the video revolving around a character that didn't appear in every episode. Clever, indeed.
    • poemprophet | Help Me Remember. This video has a lot of heart that clearly reflects the affection the vidder has for the show.
  • Katie's Choices
    • brighette | Dance With the Wolves. The editing here is seamless and the vidder makes an unconventional song work for the show. This video takes you back to Dean's struggle with his decision to sacrifice his eternity for Sam's life. The coloring is particularly lovely and this video just sticks out as something very unique and worth watching again and again.
    • DearigDaio | Where Butterflies...A gorgeous video that encompasses probably the most pivotal moments of the boys lives. This is the video of yummy, delicious editing that makes for stunning visuals and a great song choice that'll make you ache. Love all the parallels between all the boys and it was the last minute of this video that just had me on my feet applauding. An amazing video to start off the year for this vidder.
    • Juicy1111 | The Unusual Suspects. Don't we all wish the boys could be on the big screen kicking butt? Well here's a professional looking trailer taking one of the best storylines in SPN to a whole new level! Featuring some great music choices, wicked choice of effects with the title cards and great bits of comedy, this trailer will have you purchasing your ticket for a midnight showing! Clever, cool and just downright (street) smart, this is awesome.
    • phoenix39 | Halloween Trailer. Chill worthy is the first word one would use to describe this video. The audio is seamlessly incorporated with the SPN footage and the editing is to die for (literally). The vidder took the creepiest footage from the show, combined it with some of the creepiest audio in a movie trailer and constructed something so wholly unique that'll have you getting your old nightlight out! Creative, clever and creepy. What's not to love?
    • xEternallyDazzledx | Born Under a Bad Sign. Exceptional use of music, effects and creating one professional piece of work :D
  • Kayla's Choices
    • Gembat | Runs in the Family. Excellent execution and use of song.
    • Gentlesideoffury | SN Promo - Watchmen Style. Outstanding execution and a wonderful recreation of the original trailer.
    • jadams04 | Blindsided. This video came very close to receiving my Mods' Choice this year. Beautiful colouring, and a video that feels like raw emotion in visual form.
    • Various Vidders | The Great Round Robin Vidding Experiment Round 4. An outstanding effort by vidders of all levels to create a unique video that leaves the viewer feeling very satisfied.
  • Kirsty's Choices
    • Gaby0189 | Long Way. A strong and appealing crossover video that was all the more touching in it’s depiction of Dean as a husband and father. The manips in this, both edited and masked, were excellent and the corner stone of the story’s believability.
    • LuminousMetallic | Let Go. This was such a beautifully constructed video. The editing and technique was both creative and skilful, complimenting the cohesive nature of this ensemble video. Lots to love here.
    • MegTDJ | Ruby's Lullaby. The balance here between Ruby’s manipulation and affection for Sam is what made this character study a true standout. Aided by the allure of the exceptionally well chosen song, the seductive but loving undertones of her internal conversation offered a unique and compelling view from Ruby’s perspective.
    • wolfpup | Better Angels. There’s a wonderful appreciation for Dean’s vulnerability and his struggle with his faith in this character study. As always, this vidder evokes a heartfelt connection to the lyrics, ensuring an emotional and contemplative experience for the viewer. Meaningful and memorable.

Special Edition Mod's Choice Award


From the website: "In 2009 one video stood out to all of us Mod's as representing everything that we love and cherish about SVS. All of the Mod's worked together to create this Special Edition Award!!"

"SVS Promo - 1,000th Video at SVS!" by AlcoholicPixie - A Collective Mod's Choice

  • Katie. Being someone who stood backstage while this video was in production, I am still astonished to this day how strong this is. The song, the effects, the editing....everything combined together to make such a lovely (and might I had influential) final product. The video did the trick! And now everyone is rushing to SVS, reinforcing the fact that this video was, in one word: awesome. This video makes me proud to be apart of SVS. Makes me proud of how far this site has come from the small time I have been here as a member and now, a moderator. I feel lucky. So SO lucky and to AlcoholicPixie - Kay, I want to say thank you. For sharing your talent, for continually being such an excellent, helpful and supportive mod and for creating SVS in the first place.
  • Kirsty. As a new moderator at the time, the influx of videos generated by Kayla’s SVS Promo was a baptism of fire for me and yet, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was thrilled that the site I love and am so proud to be a member of, was revelling in the after effects and welcoming new vidders to our community. The promo itself is a perfect representation of what we, here, all enjoy but mostly, I think, it captures the spirit that SVS embodies and it fills me with glee, even now, to watch it and know that I’m....we all are, a part of that. None of this would be possible, however, or what it is today without Kayla. Her passion for SVS and it’s family of vidders is evident in everything she does and in turn, inspires others. I consider myself lucky having come to know her and consider it a privilege to ‘work’ (aka. play) alongside her here. So a huge thank you, Kayla, for creating this amazing forum and for all that you do. It’s my fervent hope that the promo video will continue to entice new vidders because just like Supernatural, the uninitiated don’t know what they’re missing out on here!
  • Toni. In making this promo vid for SVS, Kay captured the spirit of this wonderful site she created and effectively spread the word. I was blown away by her editing skills, which are always awesome, but moreso by her ability to translate everything that makes this site so wonderful and keeps us lucky members coming back. Kay is an amazing, generous, and talented woman who had a vision of a place where fans of SPN and vidding could get together in a fun and respectful atmosphere to squee over their obsessions, learn how to become better vidders, and help each other while building terrific friendships and even extended families and then she created this wonderful promotion video that called to tons of vidders and enriched our little community and for that we say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!! Here's a shiney award because you friken deserve it!! :hug:
  • Crystal. This video and Kayla, kick ass. 'Nuff said. Well seriously, I could go on and on and on about the awesomeness of this video. Professional? Check. Heartwarming? Check. Attention-Grabbing? Check. I simply cannot imagine a better promotional video to showcase this fabulous site. It enticed new members and captured it's objective with stunning results only because it was made with such stunning execution. Congratulations Kayla. This is a remarkable video! :hug:

Moderator's Choice Awards

  • AlcoholicPixie's Choice: Ease My Pain by Loki
  • Coastal5's Choice: Initium Finis by 404ing
  • CrystalSC's Choice: Kinetic by Maichan
  • Gentlesideoffury's Choice: For Blue Skies by alifeuncommon16
  • NYCalls0909's Choice: From the Ashes by coastal5

2009 Outstanding Contribution Award

"During 2009, we saw an influx in new members over the summer, but one member stayed constant. She's been here since [nearly] the beginning, and she still hasn't gotten sick of the place yet! Who else could it be but the one, the only... STARRYLIZARD (aka Lizzie :D)." AlcoholicPixie
"Lizzie is an awesome person and provides help anywhere she can with everything from finding scene selections to coming up with new ideas. She's very active in just about every thread and even came up with one hell of an idea for one, The Round Robin Vidding Experiment! She's a great vidder as well and I can't imagine an SVS without her. So, thanks for being here and for your wonderful contributions to the site Lizzie!" Barbara