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Name: Supernatural Video Station
Date(s): March 15, 2007 - September 1, 2010
Moderator: Kayla Gregson
Founder: Kayla Gregson (dazzlebug)
Type: vidding community
Fandom: SPN
URL:; archive link
screenshot forum index page, click to read
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According to the site's FAQ, "Supernatural Video Station (SVS) is a fan-made, fan-run website dedicated to archiving music videos made with Supernatural footage." The community both administers an award scheme (gold, silver, and bronze awards are given to videos) and hosts monthly vidding challenges. See also Supernatural Video Station/Awards.

The community was unique in that it offered vidders from various communities (Livejournal, BAM Video Vault and Youtube) a single spot to gather and offer vidding feedback. In August 2010, the site moderators announced the site was being shut down.

farewell message on main page, click to read, accessed Sept 2, 2010

As one member explained: "I suppose it's hard because there's a lot of history here. The place means something to everyone. When it goes, history goes with it. Vid posts, awards, all those lovely comments, challenges... so much stuff. I know the site belongs to Kayla, but I think a lot of people will feel that it belonged to them as well. Which, quite frankly, is an amazing achievement. People felt at home here. Sheltered from the w*** that other places attract. It will be a great loss. And the loss will hurt."[1]