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Title: Suite!Verse
Author(s): leonidaslion
Date(s): October 2008? - present
Length: over 300,000+ words (as of February 2012), WIP
Genre: Slash, Darkfic, Noncon, Evil!Sam, Wincest
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Suite!Verse (AO3)
podfics of some parts of the series (Audiofic Archive)
series banner by agent popsicle

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Suite!Verse is an post-apocalyptic AU slash Supernatural fan fiction series written by leonidaslion.

According to one artist inspired to create fanart for the series, the Suite!Verse "is a gloriously dark and beautiful 'verse in which Sam has fully become the Antichrist, in both powers and personality, and Dean is imprisoned not only by force, but also by the obsessive love they both still have for each other."[1]

The plotline of the Suite!Verse is deceptively simple and takes place mainly inside a suite of hotel rooms (hence the name Suite!Verse) in which Sam has imprisoned Dean.

To save Dean from going to Hell, Sam has voluntarily embraced the role of the Anti-Christ and triggered Armageddon. As the world burns around them and demons enslave the human population, an increasingly demonic Sam begins to chip away at Dean's will through alternating acts of of sex and violence. Caught between lust and fear, Dean struggles with the hope that his brother can be redeemed and slips further and further into the Stockholm Syndrome. As the series progresses, Dean loses more and more of his agency and personality, leaving the reader to wonder what, if anything, of Dean will remain at the end.

The series intertwines acts of physical and psychological torture with graphic violence and non-con sex. Although it is popular among many Supernatural fans, it is extremely disturbing and upsetting to some readers. In spite of (or perhaps because of) its dark themes, the stories have inspired a wealth of fanart, fanmixes, and fanvids.

Juice817 recorded portions of the series as podfics, which are hosted at the Audiofic Archive. In 2009, the series won The Sinchester Award for Best Slash- Long Story.

The series was not written or posted in chronological order, rather jumping back and forth in the timeline of events. It is still a WIP, and as of February 2012 reached over 300,000 words. Stories as of February 2012 in the story's internal-chronological order:

  • Plausible Denial. Some mistakes you can't take back...
  • Oh My Soul, My Light, My Love. Everyone breaks. Tonight, it's Sam's turn.
  • I Would Burn the World to Lick the Taste of Blood From Your Lips. This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends ...
  • Wrap Our Love In Gold And Fire, And Burn, Burn, Burn. When Sam comes for him in a motel on the outskirts of Boston, Dean has trouble adjusting..
  • Paint Yourself Across Me In Black and Red. Dean can run all he wants, but Sam won't let him hide ...
  • Dreaming In The Dusk Of Man. In which Jo longs for a hero and Sam is ... well, Sam ...
  • Kiss Me, Love, By the Light of the Burning Sky. Dean can run all he wants, but Sam won't let him hide ...
  • Green Is The Color Of My True Love's Eyes. Dean makes a desperate bid for freedom ...
  • Lay Me Down On A Bed Of Roses. Sam tries to do 'something nice' for Dean. It backfires a little.
  • What Burning Bliss To Drown In An Ocean of Fire. Accidents will happen ...
  • The Press Of Your Lips Has Left Frost On My Heart. It's the Morning After, and Dean's giving Denial another go ...
  • Sinking Into Your Skin Beneath the Blood Red Sky. "Things fall apart; the center cannot hold ..." -William Butler Yeats
  • On Your Lips, Love, The Truth Makes Such A Pretty Lie. The time for masks and self-deceptions is past, but letting go of them is Hell ...
  • Open Up Your Window and Let the Blood Red Moon Shine In Upon Your Skin. There are conversations Sam needs to have after his latest near miss with Dean. This is one of them ...
  • Memory, My Love, Is A Place Of Shadows And Fog. Bluebeard is meant to be a cautionary tale...
  • Stroll With Me, My Darlings, In the Gardens of Decay. It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Johann Schiller
  • Here, Lover, Lover, With Your Skin As Soft As Silk; Come, Lover, Lover, And Drink Your Honeyed Milk. Too much wine has a way of lowering inhibitions, not that Sam has ever needed the help...
  • Let You Tend Your Flowers Well, Lest the Crows of Mourning Pluck Their Crop of Bones. No secret stays buried forever...
  • Just A Kiss With the Devil In the Pale Moonlight. Some souls are destined to Fall...
  • When the Towers of Your Empire Crumble, Will You Weep For Me? Some things, once lost, can break a man forever..


"And somehow I stumbled across the Suite!verse by leonidaslion. Holy shit, that stuff is fucking brutal. I really need to stop getting so attached to fictional characters in a very fictional world, because that hurts. Literally...Seriously, if you haven't read it...don't. Because it's written perfectly and the characters are still themselves at the core and the story is twisty and intriguing and it pulls you in and never lets you go...but unless you like everything broken for long periods of time, a completely evil Sam who has no qualms doing whatever he likes, a broken and pretty near-unrecognizable Dean, a world that's been fucked to hell, explicitness(in every way you'd imagine), and buckets of general hard-core angst, avoid it. If you have read it...commiserate with me? It doesn't help that I mainlined 200k of it in two days and then went back for the rest. Dear lord, I can be crazy sometimes."[2]
Wincest fans "should get themeselves over to Leonidasden's massive dubcon fic Suite!verse, where Sam makes a deal to save Dean before S3 ends, and becomes this demonic version of himself, waging war against hunters and keeping his beloved brother in a hotel room with him to play out some creepy version of domesticity. it is delicious and terrible and wrung me out.."[3]
"That's partly why I gave up on the Suite!verse. It's just a constant cycle that never goes anywhere. Dean resists! Sam tries to break him! Dean is broken! Dean finds some spirit and starts to resist again! Rinse, repeat. I've also always had a problem with fic where Dean just sits by and watches Sam destroy the world/become the Boy!King/torture and kill hundreds of people/etc because he ~loves~ him. Even in canon, Dean's said that he'd rather Sam die than become a monster. Yeah, Dean would try to save him, but there would come a point where he'd put the lives of innocent people over Sam, as much as it would hurt him to do it, and I think Suite!Verse!Sam passed that point long ago."[4]
"Oh Dean! My poor, abused, traumatized, mind-fucked, STILL RESISTING Dean. This fic makes me want to put him in a room made of feathers and lace and all the good things in the world and never let him leave. He loves his Sammy so much--evil or not. Leonida breaks both of the boys so beautifully, captures their desperation for one another because they are, as canon has already screamed at us, the only things they have in the world. And it's hot in a way that makes you glance around the room to make sure no one realizes what you're reading, because it's so wrong it's just about lapped back around to right. Read it in its posting order--trust me, the way the story unwinds will have you clutching at your heartstrings."[5]

Fan Vids

  • No One Else is Living This Way by loverstar. This is Dean and Sam's twisted love story that only makes sense if you were tragically left with nothing but the love of your brother. Sometimes one can be overwhelmed with love to do absolutely terrifying things.
  • Pet by loverstar. Sam's intentions of keeping Dean safe go too far. To many raders, the song represents the themes of the Suite!Verse series with its themes of obsessive love and destructive dysfunctional relationships.
  • Suite!Verse Trailer by loverstar



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