Sugar is Sweet

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Sugar is Sweet
Author(s): Russet McMillan
Length: 53.8k words
Genre: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: AO3, originally on

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Sugar is Sweet is a Sentinel/One West Waikiki story by Russet McMillan.

It contains examples of Same Actor Crossover.

Author's Notes

I fooled with the timeline a bit to make the two shows occur at the same time. This story occurs a few weeks after "South Seas Connection" from OWW and "Love Kills" from TS.


In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair.

Reactions and Reviews

You really don't need to have seen One West Waikiki to appreciate this story, though it helps to know that Mack was played by Richard Burgi. Dr. Holliday was played by Cheryl Ladd...

Why you should read this: Professional plotting, science done well, solid characterization, musical partners, effective use of the supporting cast, realist detail, Jim angst...oh, just go read it.

What might throw you off stride: Two-thirds of the way through you will suddenly realize you could never ever plot a story like this to save your life and you will slit your wrists and bleed to death. Or perhaps just eat a lot of chocolate and moan.[1]


  1. 2000 rec by eliade