Starsky and Hutch Digital Dreams

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Title: Starsky and Hutch Digital Dreams
Creator: Nut Hatch
Date(s): 2002-ish
Medium: CD
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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From the publisher:

The STARSKY AND HUTCH DIGITAL DREAMS disk is a treasure-trove of over 600MB of goodies which begin with 100 original wallpapers featuring the spectacular digital art of Jade ... but the disk contains much more:

1. 100 wallpapers, as sampled online here, PLUS 2. A picture archive of 300 fresh images available nowhere else! 3. 10 screen savers compiled from the wallpapers, with genuine 'installers. No copying files to Windows; 4. Around 15 minutes of videoclips! 5. Slideshows demonstrating each of the screensavers before you install; 6. LOads of slideshows featuring the archived JPEGS, with music; 7. Complete instructions for installing wallpapers and screensavers; 8. A velvet smooth Macromedia interface for PC

The disks ship for US$12, all-up, including insured airmail, which is around a nickel for each wallpaper, while the 10 screensavers and 300 other high-quality images come along at, well, no extra charge! Which is one heck of a deal. [1]


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