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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Stargate: Atlantis Fiction by Amireal
Author: Amireal
Dates: 14 September 2007 or before - 01 February 2011 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: (Wayback link)
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Stargate: Atlantis Fiction by Amireal was a websites with Amireal's Stargate Atlantis stories.


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Water Your Dreams 04/01/08
SGA, NC-17, ~13,000 words.
Summary: "It didn't occur to me until later that you actually meant a boat."
Superman Never Dealt With This Shit 01/14/07
SGA, NC-17, ~6800 words.
Summary: Radiation. That was the big one, echoing through his brain, bouncing from one part of his skull to the other.
He'd possibly freaked out a little, okay maybe more than a little, because Rodney was the calm and cool voice offering reasonable :statistics about radiation and there was something really fucked up about that.

And Be One Traveler (co-authored with trinityofone)10/31/06
SGA, SGA-RPS, NC-17, ~70,000 words.
McKay/Sheppard, David/Sheppard, David/McKay
Summary: Sheppard shrugged off the reference. "Are you any good?"
"At acting?" David asked, eyebrow raised. "I keep getting jobs, which I suppose means something."
"Be McKay," Sheppard said. "I want to see."
David frowned and then slowly his posture changed, shoulders reaching out and back, hands loosening up, eyes narrowing. "Shouldn't you be off somewhere attempting to plan or strategize or something? I mean I can understand the urge to rely on my amazing intellect but even I am not above a completely unneeded backup plan."
Sheppard's eyes bugged out more than just a little. “Okay, okay, stop,” he said, and David leaned again against the railing, his body relaxing, his lips quirking inevitably upward into a smirk.
Oddly, he thought Sheppard's reaction was one of the best compliments he had ever received.
“No, really, you can stop,” Sheppard said.
David blinked. “Oh, right, the smugness. No, right now, that’s all me.”
Sheppard looked like he couldn’t decide between being disturbed and amused, which seemed about right.
“You’re not what I would have expected,” he said, after a minute. “I mean, not that I would have expected any of this.”

Hunger 08/26/06
SGA, NC-17, ~3700 words.
Sheppard/Teyla, McKay/Sheppard
Summary: The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves.

—Joseph Addison

John feels too alive.

Cleave 7/20/06
SGA, NC-17, ~15,000 words.
Summary: v. cleave (klev)
1. To split with or as if with a sharp instrument. See Synonyms at tear.
2. To adhere, cling, or stick fast.
DVD Commentary can be found here.

Everything Except Temptation 07/06/06
SGA, NC-17, ~ 4200
Summary: "Are you kicking me out of my own room?"

Promotion 06/29/06
SGA, SG1, NC-17, ~ 900
Summary: pro•mo•tion noun
1. Advancement in rank or responsibility.
2. Encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance.

Blowjob Clause 06/21/06
SGA, NC-17, ~ 500
Summary: John thinks he missed something important.

Scenes from a Lesser War 2/6/06
SGA, NC-17, ~ 20,500
Summary: This. This was something that needed taking care of. In a non-traditional sense.

Leavenworth 1/19/06
SGA, NC-17, ~10,000 words.
Summary: "On the plus side, we're apparently in the Ritz of prison cells."

Close Encounters 1/06/06
SGA, NC-17, ~4500 words.
Summary: "It's just a goddamned crush!"
The sequel, All Brand New, is by Seperis, over on her website.

A McKay Carol 12/24/05
SGA, PG, ~1700 words.
McKay, GEN
Summary: John swallows hard, thinking something is definitely wrong, because Rodney doesn't have a third pudding cup to fall back on.

Synchronicity (Co-authored with Seperis) 12/20/05
SGA, NC-17, ~10,000 words.
Summary: "How long have we been walking?"

Quarks, Quantum Chromodynamics and Other Unproven Theories 12/12/05
SGA, NC-17, ~25,000 words.
Summary: "I think we stumbled onto some ancient kid's homework."

Fractured Fairy Tale 11/25/05
SGA, R, ~4300 words.
Summary: Once upon a time, you could sit in a tall tower, stare at the sky, sigh deeply, and wait for the Prince to call your name.

Where Did All the Physics Go? 11/10/05
SGA, NC-17, ~25,000 words.
Summary: "But that's just not possible!"

Coping Mechanisms 11/09/05
SGA, NC-17, ~25,000 words.
Summary: "Just because the universe is headed towards entropy is no reason to think that it won't get better."

Unhealthy Attachment 09/19/05
SGA, R, ~7,000 words.
Summary: "So your bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired."