Scenes From A Lesser War

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Title: Scenes from a Lesser War
Author(s): Amireal
Date(s): 2006-02-06
Length: ~20,500 words
Genre: fanfiction, slash, DADT
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Scenes from a Lesser War (Stargate: Atlantis Fiction by Amireal)

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Scenes from a Lesser War is a McKay/Sheppard slash story by amireal that imagines the psychological consequences to the military contingent on Atlantis if DADT were repealed.

It was the winner in the Romance category of the 2006 McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards.

DVD Commentary

A fan's 2006 DVD commentary is here; archive link.

Reactions and Reviews


John and Rodney have a fairly rough sexual relationship that occurs when either has escaped from injury or danger, but just as they decide they can't continue this way a new official policy of acceptance comes through from the military.

They'd never done this, the slow touching, the careful movement. Always fast and rough, always running away before the rest of it caught up. Now, though, now they had time. John's other hand reached out, cupping Rodney's cheek, thumb brushing the flushed skin carefully.

Their lips brushed softly,then again. And again. This was freedom. Soft, careful kisses they could take their time with, enjoy and savor. Closed mouthed little flutters that filled John with heat, suffused him happily.

Rodney's hand once again came up to mirror John's, changing the angle, holding tightly, fiercely, a strange counterpoint to the unbelievably gentle kisses, each one intense and dizzying.

This story has a very interesting format that won't be to everybody's taste, as it bounces from past to present scenes as the story unfolds from the present to the past. VERY nicely done, with humour and schmoop. [1]
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) stories are one of the staples of SGA fan fiction, setting up a story conflict that's a bit like pre-packaged cake mix: just add eggs and water. But Scenes from a Lesser War is more like baking a cake from scratch, and choosing the ingredients for flavor and texture, rather than taking them as a given. The story sticks close to canon, but the author plays with the story structure some, leaving the reader a little uneasy as they try to figure out what exactly is going on. The story unrolls slowly, bit by bit, starting from John's reaction the day that DADT is repealed, and then darting back in time, showing how everything came to be. It's long and complex, with few easy choices, yet still quietly, desperately romantic. [2]
It is a fascinating story, and a good intro to the fandom. [3]
I could not find another category to rec this classic, in so I am using a reccer's choice post to make sure you all have read this fantastic piece about the repeal of DADT. It's a classic for a reason. John is fabulously portrayed. [4]


Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) is a common topic in military based fandoms, very popular in SGA. This is one of the best takes on it. [5]


Wonderful story. Normally, there is nothing I hate more than flashbacks. Normally, they’re used way too much in fanfiction and don’t distribute anything to the actual plot that’s going on and that makes them boring to read in my opinion. Not in this story. The way that the story unfolded, with an “established relationship” when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is repealed, was done really well. For once, I really liked the non-linear narrative. The flashbacks were important to help understand what is going on between Rodney and John and gave the story more depth. I found it really interesting to see the social change that Atlantis went through. I’ve never really thought much about DADT because I’m not American and it’s already 2015, but it makes sense that the military expedition of Atlantis – which took place several years before 2015 – isn’t open at all about same-sex relationships. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone is bigoted. I liked the way the homophobia was handled – there wasn’t none, but it was also not the centre of the story and not everyone turned out to be a violent homophobe. The progression of John and Rodney was well-done, and I really liked the way the author portrayed John. The author said that this is her favourite story, and I believe them. I haven’t read any of their other fics, but I’m sure I soon will. [6]


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