Star Who?

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Title: "Star Who?" is the title on the table of contents, "Who Star?" is the title on the top of the fanwork itself
Creator: David Gerrold (text), Karen Flanery (illos)
Date(s): 1974
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Gene Roddenberry
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Star Who? is a four-page fanwork by David Gerrold. It was published in the zine Beta Lyrae.

It is a parody in script form and uses a bit of fan casting. The topic of Star Trek: TOS and Gene Roddenberry's creative mind and editing style using current political and celebrity figures.

In the table of contents: "by David Gerrold."

On the fanwork itself: "imagined by David Gerrold."

The illustrations are by Karen Flanery.

The "Casting"

  • Captain Kirk = the actor Bela Lugosi as the character Dracula
  • Scotty = the politician Richard Nixon
  • Chekov = the actor Peter Lorre
  • Sulu = Mr. Jinks, a cartoon cat (Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon)
  • Spock = the character Peter Columbo
  • McCoy = the actor John Wayne
  • Gene Roddenberry = the character Frankenstein
  • Uhura = Geraldine Jones, a fictional African American character and the most famous recurring persona of comedian Flip Wilson


I got to thinking about Gene Roddenberry's ability as a producer and I began to suspect that a great deal of his talent lies in the fact that he's a very shrewd caster. And I began to think... Well, just suppose he had cast STAR TREK differently. It would have been a whole different show.

Commentary on Roddenberry's Editing

Oh, one last thing. When you're dealing with Gene Roddenberry and you turn in a script, let me show you how Gene edits a script.

GENE RODDENBERRY: Argh...line good...Argh...line very good...Argh...line bad...Argh...line very bad... Your script is ready now.