Spy (2015)

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Name: Spy
Creator: Paul Feig
Date(s): June 5, 2015
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: United States
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Spy is a 2015 American action comedy spy film starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, and Jude Law.


Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global crisis.[1]

Main Characters


Spy's fandom is still fairly small, but still fairly active. Tumblr is the most active location of fandom activity - most reblog gifs and post fanart along with a few meta works and film reviews. Fanfiction is mainly posted to Tumblr and Archive of Our Own. A few vids are posted to YouTube.

Although the fandom is small, you can already distinguish the popular pairings include Cooper/Ford and Cooper/Fine. Minor pairings include Cooper/Fine/Ford threesome, Cooper/Nancy, Nancy/50 Cent, and Cooper paired in a crossover pairing with Tom Brandt from Blitz (due to the same-actor crossover: Jason Statham played both Ford & Brandt).

Popular tropes include post-movie, alternate universe, and undercover missions.





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