Special Circumstances

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Title: Special Circumstances
Publisher: Renegade Press
Date(s): 1986-1995
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Special Circumstances is a gen anthology with the theme of World War II fiction that has a paranormal twist.

Issue 1

Special Circumstances 1 was published in 1986 and contains 188 pages.

It contains fiction by Linda Knights.

  • Instincts—The mission started badly—I mean, any mission that STARTS in a graveyard surrounding an ancient, haunted castle just HAS to be bad. Then ...it got worse. Casino disappeared. And when Garrison informed the castle's 'Lord" of that fact, that spectre they knew as Andre Winters seemed not the slightest bit surprised. Nor did his twin brother, Damon Winters, SS colonel. (Garrison's Gorillas) (1)
  • Tomorrow's Sunrise—Sergeant Chip Saunders woke to find a very quiet, very petite 8-year-old girl standing in the barn with them. Only how was it she knew so much about their pasts ... and their futures? (Combat!) (51)
  • Mirages—When Air Command sent a wing of B-17s to help out with Operation:Torch, they had no idea that they would be sending the men straight and directly to their deaths. The Picadilly Lilly went down, just like all the others but unlike them, they were found by the Rat Patrol. The only problem was that the Rat Patrol was 200 miles from home, short of supplies, with tired men and a few minor injuries. None of them were prepared for a fast, near-lethal encounter with a German halftrack. And when a tribe of near legendary warriors of the southern Sahara found them and offered to send them help, no one would have dreamt they'd end up in a 12th-century Crusader castle.) (Rat Patrol/Twelve O’Clock High) (79)
  • Beliefs—Sergeant Zeke Anderson knew that sometimes in Nam "shit just happened". The trouble was when an old troll of a Vietnamese Wizard put a curse on Lieutenant Goldman and the squad, he found himself having trouble convincing the others it was no more than just "stupid superstition". (Tour of Duty) (133)
  • A Matter of Timing—The one sure thing in a fighter squadron was that when you lost friends—which happened all too frequently—you were usually going to lose them only one at a time. Only this time they ALL went down a thousand miles from nowhere and on an island that felt as if the 20th century had never arrived. (Black Sheep Squadron) (151)

Issue 2

Special Circumstances 2 was published in 1991 and is 178 pages long.

The fiction is by Linda Knights and Janet McNana.

cover of issue #2
  • Bargains by Linda Knights—Tully Pettigrew had a home-grown knowledge of death and dying that transcended anything the war had taught ... or what logic could explain. (Rat Patrol)
  • Cold Stones in the Moonlight—Chief knew there was a power in Stonehenge, a power he should have been able to utilize. He'd have never dreamt what the cost of learning to use that power would be. (Garrison's Gorillas)
  • Nightmares of Tomorrow—When five of the Black Sheep were blown off course and into a storm that turned them completely around, they wouldn't have dreamt that the island that finally saved their lives might well cost them their sanity. (Black Sheep Squadron)
  • By Reason of Insanity—Sergeant Sandy Komansky was a man who believed he was grounded in logic and reason—but it was hard to reason with the nightmare that came to haunt the Piccadilly Lily. (Twelve O’Clock High)
  • Helping Hands—Doc found that despite the fact the squad was lost, separated from their lines and safety, the fates had not, after all, turned against them. For they'd found one special set of helping hands. (Combat!)

Issue 3

Special Circumstances 3 was published in 1992 and contains 242 pages.

The fiction is by Linda Knights.

Fandoms include: Garrison’s Gorillas, Black Sheep Squadron, Rat Patrol, Twelve O’Clock High, War of the Worlds crossed with Garrison’s Gorillas. One GG story by J. M. McNana, rest by Linda Knights. Art by Nicola Young and J.M. McClure.

cover of issue #3
flyer for issue #3
  • Dark Legacy by J.M. McNana - a sequel to her previous story in SC#2. WWII was difficult enough before the Gorillas had to factor in vampirism. Garrison's Gorillas
  • Where Nightmares Go to Die by Linda Knights—When General Frank Savage is shot down he expected to have trouble. He didn't expect to meet up with Gypsies, nor did he expect to find himself facing questions he'd never thought to ask—much less answer. Twelve O'Clock High
  • Exchange of Ideas by Linda Knights—Lt. Paul Ironhorse and Harrison Blackwood kneww they'd found something special in the light curtain. They'd have never dreamt it would propel them backwards in time to WWII nor that they would end up needing rescue by a team they had never even heard of before Garrison's Gorillas/War of the Worlds crossover
  • Gilded Cages by Linda Knights—Sam Troy realized they were going to need a haven when Tully's cold turned to pneumonia. He'd have never guessed that the help would take the form of a castle in the desert. Rat Patrol
  • 30,000 Feet ... and Falling by Linda Knights—When Lt. Larry Casey found himself lost in a cloud, during the midst of a dog fight, it seemed like the perfect rescue. Little did he know that the path through the cloud would lead him straight into horror. Black Sheep Squadron

Issue 4

Special Circumstances 4 was published in 1995 and contains 96 pages.

The fiction is by Linda Knights, Jackie Edwards and Janet McNana.

cover of issue #4
  • Shadow Crossed Souls by Linda Knights (Garrison's Gorillas) ("When Garrison accidentally shoots Chief during a mission gone bad, it takes the aid of the mysterious Count Winters to rescue his soul ... and even at that it might well cost Garrison's life to bring Chief back from a land where the twisted, dark shadows ofhisown soul mark the boundaries of reality.") (1)
  • The Guardian Angel by Jackie Edwards (Garrison's Gorillas) ("When a mission goes "cold" and Garrison finds himself trapped alone in a freezer whose door has been warped by a too-close bomb explosion, it looks like there is no hope of rescue. Can even a guardian angel get him out of this one?") (30)
  • Crusader by Linda Knights (Rat Patrol) (Sam Troy encounters a crusader with a familiar face--his own, from perhaps 25 years in the future. "Sam Troy really expected to see mirages. After all it was the desert, he was sitting out on a mountain watching for Germans - and bored out of his mind. But he hadn't expected to see one that refused to "disappear" like a mirage really should.") (36)
  • Deadly Reflections by Jackie Edwards (Garrison's Gorillas) ("Garrison finds a gorgeous, ornate antique mirror in the attic of a house they take refuge in. But once he's "viewed" it... life gets very strange for the cons.") (56)
  • Time Travels by Linda Knights (Rat Patrol) Sam Troy, one weary day in the '60s, has a dream in which he goes back to WWII and changes history. (72)
  • Judgement Day by J.M. McNana (Garrison's Gorillas) ("Continues her "vampire" series ... taking it to its "logical" conclusion.") (76)