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Title: Space Happy
Publisher: USS Atlantis Productions, out of Australia in 1980, reissued in 1985 by Entropy Express
Editor(s): J.J. Adamson & C.W.M. Adamson
Date(s): 1980
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Space Happy is a gen multimedia anthology.

It was published in 1980 and has 63 pages. Offset and A4. Despite the fact that it was called issue #1, there was only one published. On the cover, "Featuring Star Trek in an Alien Sky and 'Lune, the greatest parody of our time!' ... the Publishers." The cartoons are by Wishbone, and all the fiction is by the Adamsons.

It was reprinted in 1985.


The bulk of this parody-comedy zine is a full-throttle rendition of DUNE-the-book. as distinct from the recent film, crossed with (of all things) MOBY DICK. Worm = whale, you understand, and the Peaquod is an airship! Read this great worming saga of the swashbuckling Baron Harpoon'em. and Duke Leavit's loyal household, beset by union troubles and snuff shortages, and the Amalgamated Metalworkers And Welders Guild goes on strike, forever harried by the Madmen of the desert, embarking on their fourth Holy Geewhizz In the last fortnight. Read the stunning conflict between Feud Rooka, The Beast Rabid, and Pewter, against Thorfear Howzat. Gumey Collie. Doctor Ooyuk. Dinkim Idunno and Pale Arteries himself, who took on the House Sourkreuter to become the Paddington Emperor of the Universe!' Sweeping In scope and concept, this condensed-and-reconstituted version. In 24 lavishly illustrated pages, will keep you on the edge of hysteria from beginning to end of the first sentence! Also in SPACE HAPPY are... STAR TREK IN AN ALIEN SKY. which speaks for itself, STAR WARS vignette and poetry, cartoons and assorted insanity.[1]

This zine has been loved by all and well reviewed. [2]

Burst blood vessels guaranteed! [3]


  • Reminiscences of a Free Corellian Trader (Star Wars) (supposedly also in Falcon's Flight #5)
  • The Odder Couple (Star Wars) (supposedly also in Falcon's Flight #5)
  • Alderaani Royal Clerk (Star Wars)
  • Star Trek in an Alien Sky (crossover story, Star Wars/Star Trek, perhaps others) ("Running at her normal level of efficiency, the Enterprise is deep in space, bench marking. Mr Spock, as Science Officer, was in charge of the actual bench marking, and he had beamed down with his pot of paint saying that if he found a bench, by God he was going to mark it. But ... Ensign Knockemoff, on the transporter, was in fatal error and beamed Spock down head first at the wrong co-ordinates which was most unfortunate, as this star system happend by chance to be Zeta 2 Reticuli, and Spock materialised in a misted chamber within a strange alien ship ... He was not alone; an indignant astronaut on the end of a length of cable stood three feet away, wiping the British Paints Bilious Purple from his face plate ... And at their feet an odd egg-pod was beginning to gibber ... The fizzle of the transporter effect died and Mr. Spock rematerialised aboard his ship in an onorthodox mode: flat on his back, with an octopus on his head. Aboard the Commercial Towing Vehicle Nostromo, Science Officer Ash had decided that these aliens were very interesting to study and he wanted one; and since Kane had let it get away, they would just have to go back for another one. But, when told he would have to go himself, Ash had a better idea, and Captain Dallas armed his crew with flamethrowers before braving the ravages of an Enterprise party, and stalking the spoor of the Enterprise's infestation ...")
  • Election Time on the Death Star (comic strip story) (Star Wars)
  • Darth at the Party (comic strip story) (Star Wars)
  • Lune, a parody of Dune by Crank Herbutt ("READ THIS GREAT WORMING STORY of the swashbuckling Baron Harpoonem and Duke Leavit's loyal household, beset by Union troubles and snuff shortages when the Amalgamated Metalworkers and Welders Guild goes on strike, forever harried by the Madmen of the desert, embarking on a holy Geewhiz. Read the stunning conflict between Fued Rooker, The Beast Rabid and Pewter against Thorfear Howzat, Gurny Collie, Dr Ooyuk, Dinkum Idunno and Pale Arteries himself who took on the House Sourkreuterto become the Padington Emperor on the Universe. Sweeping in scope and concept this condensed version, in four lavishly illustrated pages, will keep you on the edge of hysteria from beginning to end of the first sentence! 'A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the scales are set up right. This every tea lady in the Bene Casserole knows. To begin your studies of Maud-lin, take care that you first place him in his time: born in the 57th year of the Paddington Emperor, Shaddoof IV. And take the most special care that you locate Maud-lin in his place: the planet Avabash. Do not be deceived by the fact that he was born on Caddilac and lived his first fifteen years there. Avabash, the planet known as Lune, is forever his place." -From, "Maud-lin's Workshop Manual," by the Princess Insulin'.")

Reactions and Reviews

Most of us have encountered the Adamson's strange and delightful sense of humor before, so you know what you're in for when you order this zine. It's a family zine in more ways than one, with cartoons by Wishbone and everything else by the Adamsons. The first bit of silliness is 'Star Trek in an Alien Sky' -- guess what it's about! It's saved from typicality of a plot somewhat more complicated than just 'the crew of the Nostromo meets the crew of the Enterprise' and by some original humor. 'The Odder Couple' and 'Reminisces of a Free Corellian Trader' (which first appear in Falcon's Flight #5) are two fascinating vignettes with a casual and faintly colloquial flavor. The former is about a fantasy artist with a real monster for a model. The latter is a drinking tale of drunken exploit committed by Han Solo and fellow outlaws. Both have marvelous detail for their length. The next fourteen pages are filled with poems, cartoons, and a filk leading up to the Main Attraction. The cartoons are good. The poetry is a little shaky in meter and sometimes a little vague, but still humorous. Last but not least is an extravagant parody of Dune called 'Lune.' Dune was a book I couldn't get into when I read it, but this seems to me an excellent parody. Nothing (as far as I can tell) is left out. 'Lune' does suffer from a case of incoherency, as it tries to do too much in too few pages. But if you can keep track of what's going on (and even if you can't), it's hilarious. It goes into a lot of detail, including quotes from 'Princess Insulin's' books on 'Maud-lin', the great musical 'Camel-Lot,' etc., a diagram of a stillsuit..., and a lexicon of the terms used in 'Lune.' Space Happy's reproduction is very good. I notices a few typos, and the artwork is marvelous in a cartoonish way. There's more SW material than it might seem from this review; all of Wishbone's cartoons are SW, as are about half the poems, so the mainly-SW fan shouldn't feel slighted. It's a very enjoyable zine. [4]


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