Songs from Rivendell

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Filk Songbook
Title: Songs from Rivendell
Editor(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Date(s): 1960
Medium: print
Size: chap book
Subject: Tolkien
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Songs from Rivendell is a 1960 filk songbook by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It contains music and arrangements for several poems from the novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien [1]

In 1991, Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover were asked by Elisabeth Waters to arrange, perform, and record "The Rivendell Suite" on cassette as a birthday present for Marion Bradley. They recorded: "...six of Marion's settings, plus three of Kristoph's, and Marion was very pleased with the results. Only two copies were ever made of that original cassette. Then, Kristoph and I got to thinking how it might be a good idea to set some more of the songs and see if we could get permission from the Tolkien Estate to release the recording commercially." [2]

In 1991, Bradley mentioned her daughter has given her a tape of the Rivendell Suite "a group of songs I wrote some years ago to words by Tolkein." [3] This was five years before the "official" authorized audiocassettes were created. Bradley wrote: "On the good side of the news, my daughter Moira is earning her living with harp-and-folksong gigs. Some of you saw her at Mythcon, where she sang some exquisite music. Moira is doing very well now, and my best present this Christmas was a tape of the Rivendell Suite (a group of songs I wrote some years ago to words by Tolkien), recorded by my foster son Kristoph Klover, on which Moira sang Galadriel's song to her own harp arrangement. Most of the songs were arranged by Kristoph's wife Margaret Davis, who did truly beautiful arrangements. I have VERY talented children." [4]

In 1996, the project was authorized by the Tolkien Estate, and they were granted a license to produce 1,000 cassettes. The title was changed to "The Starlit Jewel", because the Tolkien Estate had forbidden them to use the title "The Rivendell Suite".


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