Soko Ni Iru To Iu Koto

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Title: Soko Ni Iru To Iu Koto
Circle: Mikadoya
Doujinka: Mikado Yuya (神門 佑哉)
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Date/s: 2017 June 06
Type: manga
Size: B5, 32 pages
Language: Japanese
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Soko Ni Iru To Iu Koto (そこに居るという事) is a Yuri!!! on Ice doujinshi by Mikadoya. It's a Yuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov manga, where Victor is the uke and Yuuri is the seme. The description reads:

Yuuri and Victor end up fighting - and even though it was only over something small, somehow it leads to Victor disappearing. Battling his terror at losing Victor, Yuuri tries desperately to find him.[1]



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