Slashcast Insider Interview with Snapetoy

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Slashcast Insider Interview with Snapetoy
Interviewer: emmagrant01
Interviewee: Snapetoy
Date(s): August 18, 2007
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter
External Links: online here as a transcript; WebCite
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Slashcast Insider Interview with Snapetoy is a podcast posted to Slashcast as "Episode 19".

The interviewer is emmagrant01, the interviewee is Snapetoy, the place is Prophecy just after the last Harry Potter book was released.

The Interview Series

See Slashcast Insider Interview Series.


I'm snapetoy. I'm mainly known, I suppose, for the Snape/Harry pairing, which I write. I'm best known, probably, as the girl with the wand - I like a little bit of wand play. And, um, I write, I am really interested in fannish infrastructure, so I'm an editor with the sshp_prophet and I was one of the people who organzied bringing Walking the Plank back, and so I've been delighted to be a part of that and, yea, so- fannish infrastructure, that's what helped build and maintain the community.
Okay, as a book, I actually really like [ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows ]. I have some problems around the structure - it did feel a lot like, "We went camping on our summer holidays" for a lot of it, but um- but beyond that, it did all the things that it needed to do as a book and, um, I love JKR. She has given us the most magnificent sand pit to play in. So, that's what I think I liked most about it. I really did like it, and we're not going to mention- well, we are going to mention, that moment where, you know, he moved no more and I just had to put the book down and cry and cry and cry.
Harry looking into Snape's eyes, you know? What could be more- what could be more right? And I suppose I have to say at that point, that even though while I accept that JKR believes she has killed Snape, I'm just saying: No portrait, no funeral, no body, he's a potions master, he's carrying a bezoar, needed Harry to actually have those memories, therefore he couldn't die until he'd seen Harry, and how was he to know that he was gonna, you know, he was going to see Harry immediately after Nagini bit him. I'm just saying, this is Jo-logic. Real world logic tells us that he had to be prepared... Gee, new pairings are really hard because still, it's really about the Snape/Harry for me. I don't know that I'm actually going to be able to write Snapledore anymore. I've written Snape/Dumbledore, but I'm still going to have to work through that and I may have to do some work on that. But, um, new pairings... I actually didn't come away with new pairings.