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Journal Community
Name: The Original Panic! At The Disco Slash Community
Date(s): Created 29 September 2005
Moderator: itsallhushhush, lumberxjill, spazzyskittles, xxcloudpanicxx
Type: slash
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco

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slashatthedisco was the first and largest LiveJournal community for posting Panic! at the Disco slash. It was created just two days after PATD's first album was released.

According to the community rules, no off-topic posts are allowed, and every fic posted must have been beta'd by someone with a livejournal account. Plagiarism is also specifically mentioned as a bannable offence.[1] (Despite the beta requirements, slashatthedisco has a reputation for low quality fic.[2])

A related community for off topic posts, satdcompanion, was created in July 2007.[3]

As of 2017, the community has 22,308 posts; 329,700 comments; and 4349 members.[1]

Shipping and Fanfic

Although posts have since been deleted, making it difficult to confirm, it appears that the community started gaining momentum in early 2006 and posting frequency increased dramatically over the course of the year. Like many other RPS livejournal communities at the time, fic writers tended to post either short standalone fics or individual short chapters as they wrote them. A variety of ships were posted, though Brendon/Ryan was the overwhelming favorite. In addition to all possible intraband ships, PATD members were also shipped with Pete Wentz, William Beckett, Gabe Saporta, the occasional MCR member, and the actor who played The Groom in PATD's first music video (Daniel Isaac).


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