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Synonyms: sukebu
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At doujinshi conventions, a sketchbook (スケッチブック, sukecchi bukku) is a notebook that fans hand to their favorite circles and ask them to make a small sketch in. Circles may draw whatever they like, or ask the fan if they have a favorite character they would like a picture of. Fans will often leave the sketchbook with the circle at their space, continue on with their shopping, and return a few hours later to pick it up again. Sukebu (スケブ, sukebu) is a very frequently used abbreviation of "sketchbook". The word is used in phrases such as "I'm willing to draw in sketchbooks" (スケブOK, sukebu okkee), which some circles display on their space to indicate that they welcome sketchbooks from fans.

Although some circles are happy and flattered to be asked to draw in a sketchbook, not all doujinka are willing to provide sketches.[1] If a circle doesn't have an "OK" notice on their space, fans are usually expected to inquire politely before offering their sketchbook. Some circles or doujinka simply dislike being asked to do sketches, for instance because they don't welcome the pressure of having to draw in the same sketchbook as other circles whose art looks "better".[2] Very busy circles who need to interact with buyers almost constantly throughout a convention often don't have time for it. Circles may refuse if the owner of the sketchbook asks them for something they don't want to draw. (The exact boundaries of what is proper to ask of a circle are a bit fuzzy. For instance, early in April 2012, a discussion on sketchbook exchange manners erupted on Twitter when user @dakou0204 suggested that there are some male fans who take part in BL-oriented conventions specifically to ask female doujinka to provide them with explicit drawings, and that some of these doujinka may experience this behavior as sexual harassment.[3]) It's considered polite for the fan to put their contact information in their sketchbook.[4]


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