Sins of the Fathers (Dark Shadows zine)

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Title: Sins of the Fathers
Publisher: Medallion Press
Author(s): May Sutherland
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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inside art

Sins of the Fathers is a gen 361 page novel by May Sutherland. It includes 70 full-page illustrations by Jane Lach, Marcy Wilson-Cales, and May Sutherland.

From an ad in The World of Dark Shadows #71/72: The book picks up nine years after Sam Hall's famous wrap-up article left off, and is the very first full-length novel to explore Barnabas' and Julia's relationship as a married couple.

Autumn, 1980: all seems well as the Collins family welcome David's fiancee, Lauren Chandler, into their midst. But when Lauren mysteriously disappears, it is only the first clue to unravelling a greater, more terrifying mystery confronting Barnabas and Julia —a mystery that spans two centuries and threatens the lives and security of everyone at Collinwood, most especially Barnabas and Julia's own two children. Eventually the fate of the entire family hangs in the balance as Julia follows a spirits cryptic clues in a desperate effort to save them. Yet even that may not be enough... for Julia realizes that she has experienced certain things before."

Some Comments: "I expected a really good story, but this was an ACHIEVEMENT! I relished every page, loved or hated every character dreaded each new disaster, and looked forward to the happy ending."

"...the whole effort is first-rate and very professional!"

"Just like the series! The delicate complexities of the plot, the repeated frustrations and missed chances, created exactly the same build-up of tension that I felt watching the Summer of 1970 episode-tapes."

"The Barnabas/Julia storyline is the quintessence of what I have been waiting for. It takes the threads of their relationship as presented on DS and expands them into a richer, multi-layered tapestry."

"A definite page-turner. All the characters really live and breathe and are tuned-in so perfectly, they sound and act exactly like the TV characters.

Atmospheric and delicious.. This book is beautiful in every sense of the word!"