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Name: Sinister Attraction
Date(s): 2001 (began), last updated December 2009, went completely offline in December 2016
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: Sinister Attraction. Spuffy since 2001, Archived version  ; alternate archive - partial; [Sinister, Poetic Attraction (alternative), Archived version
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Sinister Attraction was a Buffy/Spike zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild.

From the main page: "Welcome to Sinister Attraction, a site devoted to the relationship between Buffy and Spike. We are also proud and very honored to be the official B/S Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild and the official Spuffy Mini Site. For optimal viewing in 800 X 600, press F11. I hope that you enjoy your visit, and please come back again!"

A note from the archivist in 2009:
Please Note: At this time, I am NOT adding new stories to the archive. I would also like, if at all possible, to keep what is in the archive] here permanently as a record for what has been written in our great Spuffy fandom YEARS ago, where this site can serve as a place where younger fans can come read what was written back in 2000-2003, which is when most of these older, "classic" Spuffy stories were written. Some of the stories archived here are VERY hard to find these days, what with Geocities and Angelfire closing and other sites disappearing, so I would very much like to keep this archive intact. I would never have archived anything without the initial permission and go ahead (and I probably have the old e-mails saved just in case), so at one point in time, you were OK with your stories being here. So, unless your fiction has been published and there are legal conflicts, if we could discuss other means of preserving your work aside from complete removal, I would really appreciate it! Thanks! :D I'm probably going to clean up the site from this .net move, and then leave this site be. [1]

It ceased to be updated in 2009. At that time there were 438 authors and 1731 fics.

It went completely offline the beginning of December 2016.

History of the Site

Sinister Attraction first opened at Tripod (back in the days where they gave you 50 MB and it was free with only ONE pop-up add) in September 2001. I used a program called Trellix to design the site, a program that enabled the user to know nothing about HTML, so I didn't learn much. For the first few months, I spent most of my time working on the content of the site, not the graphics, anyway.

Later on, when the site got too big because Tripod set the space maximum back to 20 MB, a friend offered to host me on the Tripod Plus, the one where you pay for it and there are no pop-up adds. However, with the rate that the archive was growing, I began getting near the 75 MBs of space I was given, and had to start looking for a new place since I couldn't afford my own domain back then.

It was then that the whole fiasco came up. Jaina, the owner of Dusk Til Dawn, e-mailed me and offered to host SA on their domain, It was great -- for the first few months, anyway. I had 200 MB of space and plenty of bandwidth, and the other hostees were also great, some of us became really good friends. However, all of a sudden, the domain died. It just DIED. It was back up in another week or two before the domain got shut down for good again. The reason it got shut down was that certain sites had copy written files (like mp3s, wavs, mpegs, etc.) on their site and that was against the rules of the domain provider. Even though the provider put back up, it was shut down once again for the same reason. Most of the hostees were annoyed since there were now some 30 or 40 homeless sites after that and the owners provided no help and gave no updates or let us know what was going on at the time.

So there SA was, a homeless site, that was over 100 MB, and needed plenty of bandwidth to survive -- which meant no free servers would ever be able to support my site. I lost a lot of visitors because of what happened with Darkprophecies, but luckily, I recovered.

Luckily, Cecile from stepped in and graciously offered to host me for a couple months until I could get up enough money to get my own domain. She's such a sweetie, and helped me out SO much and we became good friends. If it weren't for her, my site probably would have died right there. Anyway, she hosted me on her site for a little over two months while I worked on saving my money.

I bought my own domain in January -- and uploaded SA there. It was there for about 7 months before I realized that the site was too huge to be on a domain where I also had 5 other sites and a few hosted sites. In late June, almost July, I bought another, separate domain for Sinister Attraction -- where I hope the site will stay until I close (which isn't anytime in the near future.)

Then, in late August 2003, I realized that Active Web Hosting LIES when it says that it has unlimited bandwidth and is a great place to have a site that has high bandwidth and many visitors. So, I decided to move to a new domain provider, one that Annalore pointed out to me one night. (Thank you!) I ended my account act AWH and set up SA at (Which meant reuploading everything to the server AGAIN!), where I actually had a space/bandwidth plan and a control panel, which I love! SA loads faster, like it should have been all along, and is much more user-friendly IMHO.

So there is the boring history of SA! [2]

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