Single Handed, Took Me Alive

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Title: Single Handed, Took Me Alive
Author(s): twentysomething
Date(s): 13 October 2010
Length: ~3,500 words
Genre: het fanfiction, genderswap
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Single Handed, Took Me Alive (Dreamwidth)

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Single Handed, Took Me Alive is a Steve/Alwaysagirl!Danni story by twentysomething.

Summary: "Chin had insisted on post-meth-lab-bust drinks and then promptly split with their hot waitress as soon as her shift was over and Kono had "gone to the bathroom" five rounds and three shots ago. Which leaves her and Steve and Danni's terrible urge to nail her boss."

Recs and Reviews

AU in which Det. Danni Williams follows her ex-husband to Hawaii to be near her daughter, Grace. Other than the pencil skirts and the heels, everything else is pretty much the same as what goes by on-screen every Monday night, which just makes this even more awesome. (More in the 'verse, here, read from the bottom up and have fun!)[1]


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