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You may be looking for Shooting the Moon, a La Femme Nikita zine.

Album Title: Shoot the Moon
Producer: Nut Hatch
Date: October 2002-June 2003
Medium: audio CD
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Shoot the Moon was a Starsky & Hutch fan-created audio CD.

It appeared to have been some sort of a remix of 70's music:
The unplugged, unofficial STARSKY & HUTCH SOUNDRTACK ALBUM. This is an audio CD engineered to play in any CD system, including your car! Original 1970s recordings have been remastered into stereo, and the album has been widely applauded. [1]


This fanwork was available "in time for ShareCon" in 2002. [2]

From the publisher in 2003: "With apologies ... the SHOOT THE MOON audio CD is no longer available as of June 4, 2003." [3]


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