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Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes
Alternative name(s): Holmescest, Mylock
Gender category: m/m slash
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Canonical?: non-canonical
Prevalence: rare pairing
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Sherlock/Mycroft is a Sherlock (BBC) pairing has grown from an initial minority to being not uncommon, especially when compared to its rarity in other Sherlock Holmes fandoms. As of May 1st 2019, there are 1305 fanworks tagged with "Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes" on Archive of Our Own.[1]

Some Sherlock/Mycroft works, particularly ones written earlier in the fandom, depict Mycroft as abusing a younger Sherlock, leading to the resentment seen in the present day of the show, more recent stories have treated their relationship as at least dubiously consensual. Sometimes, sexual involvement between the two is treated as part of Mycroft's general "caretaking" role with respect to Sherlock; however, other stories present Sherlock as pushing for an intimacy that Mycroft considers dangerous.


Sherlock and Mycroft have an ambivalent sibling relationship in Sherlock (BBC) canon. In the first episode, Mycroft abducts John Watson and bribes him to spy on Sherlock without revealing his own identity, saying only that he "worries constantly" about Sherlock. It is suggested several times that Sherlock makes a point to avoid Mycroft and his influence and that the brothers rarely speak directly. After John's first meeting with Mycroft Sherlock identifies him only as his "archenemy." In the first episode of the second series, we see Mycroft directing John to do a drug search of the flat based on Mycroft's test of Sherlock's mood with an offered cigarette.

Also in the first episode of the second series, Mycroft tells Sherlock "Don't be alarmed. It's to do with sex." This comment and Sherlock's reply, "Sex doesn't alarm me," has been interpreted in a number of different ways by fans.

In the last episode of the second series, it is implied that Mycroft played a role in Moriarty's plans for Sherlock. It is unknown how much he aided either Sherlock or Moriarty.


Based on their canon relationship, Sherlock and Mycroft are usually portrayed has having a relationship based on mind games, surveillance and deduction. Such as with the offered and accepted cigarette in canon, their interactions are often written as having more than one level of meaning beneath the obvious. Behind Sherlock's proclamation of sociopathy and comments from Mycroft such as "Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock," a great level of affection for one another is implied to be hidden deeply in their interactions. Consequently, their expressions of affection in fanwork are often obscure or indirect.

Their relationship is usually not written as sexually monogamous or traditionally romantic even when it is obsessive.

Common tropes and story lines include:

  • Mycroft and Sherlock beginning a relationship while Sherlock is still underage, often when Mycroft visits their home from University. This type of fanwork is sometimes dubcon and sometimes ends in the dissolution of Sherlock and Mycroft's sexual relationship.
  • A troubled end to their sexual relationship is sometimes given a reason for their current animosity.
  • Sherlock desires a sexual relationship with Mycroft who either denies him or sets limits on the extent of their intimacy out of respect for social norms or because Sherlock is underage.
  • Mycroft taking a "caretaker" role in Sherlock's sexuality as in other things. Their sexual relationship in this type of fanwork is usually consensual, unlike Mycroft's attempts to spy on Sherlock's general well-being with his government resources or through other characters.
  • John finding out about Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship. In fanwork where John is Sherlock's lover, this often results in a threesome.
  • Sherlock and Mycroft having an occasional sexual relationship on Sherlock's rare visits to Mycroft's office or house.
  • In some fanwork Mycroft's manipulation of and power over Sherlock's life is emphasized, resulting in dubcon or noncon. Mycroft in this mode is sometimes called Dark!Croft.

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