Secrets (S.W.A.T./The Unusuals zine)

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Title: Secrets
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Bast & Sekhmet
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): November 2011
Medium: print, download, CD
Size: digest-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: S.W.A.T./The Unusuals
Language: English
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cover by Sekhmet

Secrets is a 228-page slash S.W.A.T./The Unusuals digest-sized novel by Bast and Sekhmet. It has colour cover art and colour interior art by Sekhmet.

It was nominated for a 2012 Fan Q.

Summary from the Publisher

"In the novelisation of the movie S.W.A.T., Brian Gamble does not die after his facedown with Jim Street, and the authors have chosen to use this ending rather than the movie's ending. A full synopsis of movie and show are included; you really need not have seen either to enjoy this gritty romance. Written in first person present tense, you'll find yourself lost in the characters' lives.... After a hostage situation goes wrong, Jim Street is out of S.W.A.T. and out of Los Angeles. He's discovered that Brian Gamble's betrayal was not what it seemed, but he doesn't know what's happened. Then he comes face to face with an injured cop in New York, and to his shock, has found his former lover, living a new life with a new name. Bit by bit, they sort through the anger and pain of the past, and begin to hope that there can be a happy future. But first, Jim has to face that he loves a man."

Warning from the Publisher

"Please be aware, Brian suffers from PTSD with occasional extremes of depression. The story deals with this and his mental healing. If you need further warnings, please contact Bast."