Seasons of the Heart (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Seasons of the Heart
Author(s): Darien Duck
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Seasons of the Heart is a Kirk/Spock story by Darien Duck.

It was published in the print zine And Another K/S Zine and was nominated for a 1984 K/Star Award for Best Short Story.


"It starts out with Kirk secretly nominating Spock for one of the highest awards that can be given to a scientist. When Spock receives a tape announcing that he is this year's recipient of the Hawking award, he was less than pleased. He was downright pissed off to find out that it was his bondmate who had nominated him."

Reactions and Reviews

The final story in this zine, “Seasons of the Heart” by Darien Duck, was the most captivating and satisfying for me. It depicted the love between Kirk and Spock exactly as I like to see it – strong but not sappy, gentle and yet passionate. The way the story opens, with their everyday shipboard life and how it has evolved as they became lovers held my rapt attention from the start. There is a good plot revolving around Spock’s being named to receive the prestigious Hawking scientific award. But his aversion to publicity and attention causes a less than pleasant reaction, which spells trouble when he learns it was Kirk who nominated him. I don’t like it when there is a rift between them, and yet it was an integral part of this story, and a necessary plot element. Beneath the turmoil of misunderstanding, it is clear that their love has not diminished, so this makes it palatable. The strength of both men’s character is ever-present as they deal with this new personal challenge. There is enough cuddling and raw exciting sex to please any K/S lover, as well as obstacles to be overcome. All in all, a story well worth reading again and again. This author is adept at pulling you into their lives and insuring that you wish to remain there. [1]


  1. from The K/S Press #101