Scoundrel (Star Wars zine)

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Title: Scoundrel
Editor(s): Jani Hicks
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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This is a Star Wars zine that was NEVER PUBLISHED.

From an ad in Jundland Wastes #1 (June 1981): "Slated for '82 publication. Submissions should be Solo-oriented or oriented toward the Princess/Pirate relationship. We will consider adult material -- provided it compiles with Lucasfilms stated wishes and does not impinge on the bounds of pornography. Any adult material provisionally accepted will be screened by Lucasfilm's representatives prior to printing. SASE to Jani Hicks."

What makes the title so interesting is that it was proposed at the height of the conflict with Lucasfilms about fans publishing zines that the company considered not "family friendly."

Jani Hicks was the publisher of Twin Suns, a zine which ceased publication in response to concern over censorship from Lucasfilm that arose when Maureen Garrett, head of the Official Star Wars club, sent a cease and desist order to the publishers of another fanzine, Guardian, claiming that issue #3 of the fanzine had violated the informal policy of George Lucas to tolerate fan fiction, provided it was not 'pornographic." McCardle, "Fan Fiction: What's All The Fuss?".

Boldly Writing documents the fall-out: "Many Star Wars fans protested, calling such an action "censorship," while other Star Wars fans, particularly ex-Star Trek fans who left because of K/S fanzines, applauded the action. In any event, two issues later, in letterzine Forum 16, Maureen sent another letter, which stated, "we hope you understand that our policy is an exercise in OWNERSHIP not censorship... Lucasfilm supports the publication of Star Wars fanzines."

Nonetheless, a letter in the same Forum issue from [another fanzine editor] Jani Hicks indicates that the clarification did not reassure ...: "Due to the move by Lucasfilm to attempt prior restraint and censorship of Star Wars fanzines, I will not be publishing, editing, writing, illustrating, or buy any professional or amateur Star Wars products after the appearance of Twin Suns 3 in May of 1982. 'Scoundrel' will not appear for this reason."

In the end, "Scoundrel," proposed between the second and third issue of Twin Suns, was NEVER PUBLISHED. Either the Lucasfilm declared the zine unfit, or the editor decided to bail.

For more on the Lucas/censorship issue: see: Open Letter to Star Wars Zine Publishers