scifi morgue

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Name: scifi morgue
Date(s): 1999 - ?
Archivist: the.other.G.M.
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The Sentinel, The Invisible Man, ACTION, BtVS, Beastmaster, Angel, Hercules, Xena, Stargate SG-1, others
URL: (2001) (2000)
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scifi morgue was a multifandom slash archive. It was added to Slash Fiction Online on May 27, 2000[1] and by 2001 it was hosted by Tripod.

There were several slash mailing lists associated with the archive.[2]

WARNING: If you are offended by male-male erotic fiction, then please leave now! The fiction on this site contains MATURE themes and is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY. By exploring this site, or reading any of these works, you state that you are an adult, and it is legal to view these materials in the area in which you live.[3]


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