Scenes From A Denny Crane Marriage

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Title: Scenes From A Denny Crane Marriage
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Date(s): October 2011
Medium: print, download, CD
Fandom: Boston Legal
Language: English
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Scenes From A Denny Crane Marriage is a 146-page slash Denny/Alan Boston Legal anthology of fiction and art by Elfqueen.


Summary from the publisher: "They say that marriage is always easier – the seventh time around! Litigator extraordinaire Denny Crane has seen it all before, and this time he's convinced he's finally met his perfect match as well as the perfect spouse: legal hotshot, the bold and brilliant Alan Shore! Life in this unique and simmering household can never be dull!"


Story descriptions from the publisher:

  • The Courage that the Foolish and the Lonely Keep (previously published in Denny Crane! #4 but has been re-edited for this publication) -- Summary: Will a simple accident early in their marriage send Denny right over the edge? Only Alan Shore can make everything right between himself and his always-randy spouse again.
  • You and I Become the River (previously published in Denny Crane! #3 but has been re-edited for this publication) -- Summary: Denny learns what it means to finally and at long last be truly in love, and well-married.
  • Honey at Midnight (warning: spanking) -- Summary: Will a secret from Denny's recent past skewer this rock-solid union? Alan takes a unique approach to what could turn out to be a very thorny problem...
  • Sailing Queerly at Icarus -- Summary: A former associate of Alan's (and almost lover) returns, causing Alan to ponder upon the true meaning of his unlikely yet inevitable marriage.
  • And Kiss the Risk of What I Have -- Summary: After a random and unexpected tragedy, Alan is forced to confront the finite nature of life...and possibly even love. -- Summary: Time marches on, even for the ever-youthful Alan Shore...with Denny at his side, a sentinel in shining armor, can Alan find his way back to the way things ought to be?