Denny Crane! (Boston Legal zine)

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Title: Denny Crane!
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): 2006-2009
Medium: print
Fandom: Boston Legal
Language: English
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Denny Crane! is a slash Boston Legal anthology.

cover by Folger's Crystals

Issue 1

Denny Crane! 1 was published in May 2006 and contains 184 pages. It has a cover by Folger's Crystals.

The stories feature a Denny/Alan pairing except two stories that are threesome stories that include Brad.

  • Confessions Over Exhibits 10-18 M.J. (1)
  • With a Little Help from My Friend by Cassandra (8)
  • Bliss by T'Lin (19)
  • CinderAlan by Farfalla Caqui (21)
  • I Hate Nature by Cassandra (34)
  • The Snows of Yesterday by M.J. (37)
  • Just Another Evening at the Office by Farfalla Caqui (45)
  • Grass is Green by Ghostwriter (47)
  • Wives and Lovers by M.J. (58)
  • Jingle Bells by Cassandra (63)
  • Sneaking into Reality by Farfalla Caqui (88)
  • Of Fathers, Friends, Sons and Lovers by Ghostwriter (89)
  • I Don't Take It All by M.J. (104)
  • The Loophole by Farfalla Caqui (107)
  • In the Arms of Another Man by T'Lin (122)
  • Yes, Master by Cassandra (130)
  • Burning Bridge by M.J. (157)
  • Here's to No Tomorrows by Ghostwriter (161)
  • Yellow Wave by Farfalla Caqui (168)
  • Being Loved by Ghostwriter (171)

Issue 2

Denny Crane! 2 has a cover by Folger's Crystals.

  • As a Man Thinketh by M.J.
  • Violation by Ghostwriter
  • Distractions of My Old Age by T'Lin
  • Test Drive by Ghostwriter
  • Wrestling with Angels by M.J.
  • Life is Wonderful by Ghostwriter
  • Denny Crane...a poem by T'Lin
  • Carrying a Legend by Ghostwriter
  • Memories of My Youth by T'Lin
  • Forget-Me-Not by Ghostwriter
  • Dancing in the Moonlight by M.J.
  • Bare Hands by Ghostwriter

Issue 3

Denny Crane! 3 was published in May 2009 and contains 206 pages. It has a cover by KAM.

cover of issue #3

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Denny Crane! 4 was published in 2009, contains 191 pages, and has a cover by KAM and interior art by Ashley J.

  • But You've Got to be a Father to a Girl by M.J., winner of a 2010 FanQ Award
  • Supportive Hose by Qzeebrella
  • Backwards and in High Heels by Mercedes Maybach
  • Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be byM.J.
  • The Courage That the Lonely or the Foolish Keep by Elfqueen (reprinted in Scenes From A Denny Crane Marriage)
  • Knit Together by Qzeebrella
  • First Class, and With Children by M.J.