Sara Sidle/Catherine Willows

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Pairing: Sara Sidle/Catherine Willows
Alternative name(s): SCR
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: CSI: LA
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: rare overall, popular in femslash
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Sara/Catherine is a femslash pairing for Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows from CSI.


SCR stands for Sara/Catherine Romance and has been used since the beginning of the series.

Sara/Catherine was a reasonably popular femslash pairing throughout the 2000s with works featuring the pairing featured on many femslash-focused fansites and Livejournals, as well as having a number of dedicated groups and sites for the pairing specifically. Fanworks for the pairing also appeared regularly in femslash challenge events such as the FemSlash Advent Calendar and the challenges run by Femslash Today.

However, many of the works for the pairing, including hundreds from the archives and fannish links cited below, did not get cross-posted to newer fanwork archives, meaning their presence on those is often much smaller. For example, on Archive of Our Own, as of January 2024, Sara/Catherine has just 115 works.

This is the first fandom pairing I ever began to ship hardcore. What first attracted me to them, in all honesty, was the attractiveness of the women. They were beautiful separately, so I figured they would be stunning together. I began to watch CSI reruns when they came on and I soon realized that my pairing had a basis. It’s all about the way they look at each other, and the subtle, yet not unnoticed way they check each other out.

smartyshortie [1]

As a character, Sara often irritated me, but I liked her scenes with Catherine. Yeah, it was kind of hard to predict if it was going to be easy flirting or angry snarking in any given episode, but it at least it was passionate and interesting. They had chemistry.

garrideb [2]

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