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Name: Sakura-crisis
Founder: Sakura and Crisis
Members: Katze, ???
Dates: 2002-2009
Medium: manga, scanlation team
Projects: Count Cain, Yami no Matsuei, Love Mode, Sensei, Midare Somenishi, Ludwig Kakumei, Prince of Tennis, others
Translating From: Japanese
Translating To: English
External Links: Sakuracrisis website, LJ community, message board

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Sakura-crisis was a manga scanlation team opened in 2002 by Sakura and Crisis then run in later years by Katze up to its official closing date in 2009.[1] It is sometimes listed as in reference to its first web address or under its nickname of S-C. It released 30 series ranging from light hearted shoujo titles such as Unjou Roukaku Kidan to dark explicit yaoi titles such as Midare Somenishi.[2] It was well known for releasing several titles by mangaka Kaori Yuki and for the variety of its projects. The site didn't adhere to any particular type of manga, choosing its titles instead on the staff members' preferences.[1][3]

Sakura-crisis locations

As many other scanlation groups of the time, Sakura-crisis had an active IRC channel (#sakura-crisis @ where a small group of fans would often gather and chat, play trivia games, or roleplay along with exchanging scans. A message board created in May 2002 saw discussions of S-C projects but also talks of scanlations in general, cultural issues, the accessibility of manga, yaoi culture, and fanworks. It saw its last posts in August 2006.[4]

In 2003, a RP board was created for S-C fans roleplaying. Two specific RP universes were being explored: Life in the Yukiverse explored a world exclusively for Kaori Yuki characters while Crossoverama was for crossovers. Crossoverama and late night mIRC chats saw the birth of Kami no Matsuei, a crack RP of Yami no Matsuei and Count Cain characters investigating strange murders and the paranormal involvment of a deadly sentient cinnamon roll.

In July 2004, a Livejournal community was created by Katze to "to mostly post updates and about new licenses so you can read about it on your livejournal instead of having to check the site constantly" and fanworks.[5] From 2004 to 2006, a deviantart fan-club sc-net-club opened for fanworks of S-C projects but never saw much activity.

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