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Name: Saga Journal
Owner/Maintainer: ami-padme, FernWithy, jedi-scholar, Keith Palmer, Lady Aeryn, lazypadawan, Matril, Reihla, rhonderoo, Sarah, Sgmsky (Editorial Team)
Dates: 2005–2012
Type: academic journal, meta
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: (offline)
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Saga Journal was an academic Star Wars fan journal exploring various aspects of the Star Wars saga. Subjects include: Business, Ethics/Morality, History/Politics, Literature/Mythology, Love/Romance, Psychology, Religion/Theology and Science. The Editorial Team of the Saga Journal solicits potential contributions to its fan journal and welcomes completed academic papers focused on practically any aspect of the Star Wars film saga.

How to submit essays was explained here.

An archive of past submissions was here.