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Name: FernWithy
Alias(es): Fern, JediGaladriel
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Star Wars, Tolkien
URL: Fern's Humongous Bighead Site
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FernWithy is a fan writer who has written stories in Star Wars, Tolkien, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games fandoms.

Fannish History

In an interview for Silvermoon, Fern explains:

When I was thirteen, some friends and I started writing the next generation of Star Wars, with Luke and Camie's daughter (my character), Han and Leia's daughter, the Emperor's grand-daughter, Han's much-younger sister, and Biggs Darklighter's niece. I didn't know that anyone else did it, and the story is mercifully lost. I started writing it sincerely with Quantum Leap fanfic (under my real name) around the time that series was cancelled (1993?), in my early 20s, and I realized what a huge group of fans actually participated.[1]

Notable Fanworks

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

Lord of the Rings



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