SPN Spring Fling

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Name: SPN Spring Fling, Supernatural Spring Fling Fic & Art Exchange
Date(s): 2011 - present
Moderator(s): springflingmod
Type: Gift Exchange - fanfiction, fanart, fanvids
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: https://spnspringfling.livejournal.com/
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SPN Spring Fling is an annual flash gift exchange in Supernatural fandom. Writers had to write a story between 500-2500 words, an art piece that took at least 30 minutes to make, or a fanvid of less an 2 minutes in length.




com.pul.sion, Sam and Dean, PG-13, by atanih88 for 13chapters

As we forgive those who trespass against us, Sam, Dean, Castiel, PG-13, by de_nugis for kazie_oh

It was long, your message, Sam, Dean, Castiel, PG-13, by glovered for deirdre_c

The party you've dialed cannot be reached, Adam, PG, by gold_bluepoint for thedreamisreal

Peaceful Easy Feeling, John, Dean, Sam, G, by redbells for fete_in_june

Doubletop Peak, Sam & Dean, PG, by ienablu for emmram

Only After the Last, Jo Harvelle, PG, by maerhys for sendthewolves

Save Me from Drowning in the Sea, Madison, R, by tebtosca for strangeallure

And Rivet for Rivet, Sam and Dean, PG, by withdiamonds for embroiderama

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks, Sam and Dean, PG, by cordelia_gray for sinnerforhire


I Picked You Up (And Put You Back On Solid Ground), NC-17, by akintay for lemanya

Drown Me in Your Reign , NC-17, by chemm80 for killabeez

The Distance Between Us, PG-13, by wednesday_d for si_star_x

you are the smell before rain, R, by earthquakedream for akintay

Pacing the Cage, PG-13, by ebcdic for kalymnos

day springs eternal, R, by electricalgwen for inalasahl

hint of a spark, NC-17, by escherzo for smash86

The Waiting, PG-13, by fiercelynormal for tebtosca

Dean 3:16, R, by fromcainwthlove for zubeneschamali

Best Hunt Ever, NC-17, by hunters_retreat for obstinatrix

It's not only blood that whiskey thins, PG-13, by atanih88 for velvetsun

Taxus brevifolia, NC-17, by inalasahl for transfixeddream

Take Two Seconds to Breathe, PG-13, by killabeez for hunters_retreat

Don't mind where I get taken, R, by latentfunction for scintilla10

And the Collision of Your Kiss Made It So Hard, PG-13, by locknkey for clex_monkie89

all my days have been the losing kind, PG-13, by maco2111 for vanishingbee

Other Worlds Than These, R, by neros_violin for __tiana__

Oh Glory, R, by orbiting_saturn for escherzo

So Do Our Minutes, NC-17, by sangre_fria for ombrefolle

It Still Hurts, PG-13, by si_star_x for atanih88

The Aisles Are Forever, PG-13, by glovered for willow_fae_20

Lonely Winter, PG, by setissma for rhythmsextion

Spark plugs and hellfire, PG, by smash86 for mistyzeo

Die Another Day, NC-17, by sonnygrl11 for aspirate

Three People, Two Guns and One Bed, PG-13, by thedreamisreal for akadougal

Icy Hot, NC-17, by tifaching for fromcainwthlove

Playing With Fire, PG, by velvetsun for gold_bluepoint

Trapped, NC-17, by wincest_whore for maerhys

Trapped in Your Arms, NC-17, by wednesday_d for sonnygrl11

Matched Pair, PG-13, by vanishingbee for glovered


Dean Winchester’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, G, by willow_fae_20 for openbones

First Thing, NC-17, by karmageddon for maco2111

Benediction, NC-17, by puchuupoet for karmageddon

‘Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town’, PG, by quickreaver for redbells

Wrong in all the right ways, PG-13, by wolfrider89 for thinlizzy2

On the Eighth Day, PG, by thinlizzy2 for ienablu

This house is a home, PG-13, by wolfrider89 for morganoconner

SPN - Other Pairing Those Who Have Done Good, Tessa/Henriksen, PG, by 13chapters for quickreaver

Meat Puppeteers, Castiel/Meg, R, by aspirate for blualbino

In This Alien World, Dean/Alistair, R, by emmram for tifaching

Stay With Me, Sam/Cas, PG, by fete_in_june for orbiting_saturn

Scarred and All Alone, Sam/Cas, PG, by ghostwriter056 for de_nugis

RPS - Jared/Jensen

get a grip, R, by __tiana__ for sangre_fria

Make time (for me), PG-13, by aythia for ebcdic

Insert Additional Quarters, PG-13, by deirdre_c for electricalgwen

A 'lil Liquid Courage, PG-13, by dephigravity for wednesday_d

Pining for the Moon, R, by embroiderama for aythia

Welcome To my Silly Life, PG-13, by expectative for yanyann

Cut Down To The Bone, R, by kalymnos for withdiamonds

Martha Stewart v. Bob Vila, PG-13, by ebcdic for neros_violin

Starting from Zero, R, by lemanya for expectative

Smoke and Mirrors (and a little bit of sand), R, by insertcode11 for chemm80

Science Made Us Do It, PG-13, by strangeallure for wincest_whore

Bigger Than a Toaster, Smaller Than an Atomic Bomb, PG, by transfixeddream for locknkey

Disco Lights On a Friday Night, PG-13, by wutendeskind for earthquakedream

Echo, also Sam/Dean, R, by yanyann for dephigravity

Love Shack, PG-13, by yourperiphery for flawlessglitch

S'More, PG-13, by zubeneschamali for fiercelynormal

RPF - Other Pairing

Consider the Hairpin Bend, Jeff/Jensen, NC-17, by akadougal for ghostwriter056

Bake Until Golden, Genevieve/Danneel, NC-17, by sendthewolves for latentfunction

Lost and Found, Richard Speight Jr/Misha Collins, PG-13, by morganoconner for puchuupoet

A Little Domestic, Jared/Danneel/Jensen, NC-17, by mistyzeo for wutendeskind

Song of the Open Road, Jensen/Jared/Misha, R, by obstinatrix for wolfrider89

Rainy Day, Jensen/JDM, R, by pigeongirl99 for weimar27

Jager Bomb, Jared/Chad, PG-13 , by rhythmsextion for yourperiphery

Snow-falling, Jensen/Danneel, Jared/Genevieve, PG-13, by scintilla10 for setissma

Seeking Warmth, Jensen/JDM, PG, by weimar27 for pigeongirl99



Pretend, PG-13, Sam, Cas, by verucasalt123 for mollyamory

The Last Days in the Land of Nod, R, by monicawoe for ienablu

ART: It's raining cats!, G, by lamapan for thebutterflyjar

ART: The war outside your door keeps raging on, G, by smallworld_inc for moxay

Shiny Happy People, PG, Chuck, by chef_geekier for jacklemmon

My Soul To Take, R, Mary, by elliemurasaki for strangeallure

“—and that’s why the Black Widow totally kicks ass.”, Charlie, Dean, PG-13, by sa_kun for cordelia_gray

Silence is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power, Sam, G, by ordinarily for mimblexwimble

ART: Aim High, Bobby, G, by colls for cleflink

ART: "You Gonna Eat That?", Girl!chesters, G, by quickreaver for tfw_ftw

Another Day on the Job, Dean & Cassie, G, by tfw_ftw for rbmi_fan

Like Glue, Sam/Dean/Castiel gen, PG, by majestic_shriek for wolfrider89

Sweet tooth, soft heart, Gabriel, PG-13, by fleshflutter for sa_kun

A Fish out of Water, Sam, Jody, G, by cordelia_gray for snickfic

Changing Spaces, Weechester +John, G, by whithertits for aythia

King of Infinite Space, Bobby, PG-13, by 13chapters for mistalagan

Heat of the Moment, Sam and Dean, PG-13, by redbells for emmram

Learning to Fly, Lucifer & Sam, PG, by boysinperil for monicawoe

ART: Caught in the crossfire, Sam & Dean, PG, by smallworld_inc for oddishly

Schrödinger’s God, Kevin & Chuck, PG-13, by gold_bluepoint for amberdreams


Too Much to Dream Last Night, PG-13, by sobota for clex_monkie89

Make the Man, R, by akadougal for yohkobennington

Just a Different Form, R, by atanih88 for angelicfoodcake

Happy Campers, R, by rockstarpeach for queerly_it_is

Laundry Day, PG-13, by delanach for smallworld_inc

(I'm doing just fine) hour to hour, note to note, R, by downjune for candygramme

Two Strong Arms Keeping Him Alive, R, by akintay for mekina

ART: "Congratulations Sammy", G, by angstpuppy for light_like

Fucking Puff the Magic Dragon, R, by atanih88 for lavishsqualor

The Daylight Seems To Want You (Just As Much As I Do), NC-17, by geckoholic for rockstarpeach

National Cause, NC-17, by mekina for chemm80

ART: Hold the morning , work-safe, by fanlay for callistosh65

Silk, R, by minchout for obstinatrix

Mostly Familiar, PG-13, by aythia for ordinarily

Pretty Please, NC-17, by chemm80 for ordinaryink

Of Salmon and Secrets, PG, by moxay for cassiopeia7

this thing that aches like dying, this thing that burns like light , R, by marciaelena for redpine

ART: Personal Space is Overrated, PG-13, by dephigravity for killabeez

Gonna Make It Feel Like Home, PG, by cleflink for colls

ART: Princess Sparkle and the Limp Prince, PG, by slinkymilinky for glovered

Say It Loud, NC-17, by checkthemargins for smalltrolven

Another Reason To Stay Off The Roads, PG-13, by flawlessglitch for mostly10

An unhealthy attachment, R, by rivkat for wednesday_d

Big Damn Hero, PG-13, by glovered for lemanya

We Planned for Everything (except success), PG, by mollyamory for dragonspell

Bilocation, PG, by inalasahl for xpnkitty

Too Close To The Edge, PG-13, by lavishsqualor for fanlay

The Game, PG, by roque_clasique for delanach

Worth A Thousand Words, R, by light_like for atanih88

the wind always at your back, R, by de_nugis for tebtosca

Winner Takes All, NC-17, by riyku for silverraven

I Think of You and Let It Go, PG-13, by locknkey for roque_clasique

Retired At Thirty, PG, by clex_monkie89 for downjune

Woke up just to see your face, R, by yanyann for fiercelynormal

blowing kisses at the firing squad, R, by oddishly for dancetomato

Building on Stone Number One, R, by deirdre_c for majestic_shriek

Breathe Me, R, by darkforetold for flawlessglitch

took you long enough, NC-17, by jasmineisland for shinyslasher

Miles to Go, NC-17, by balefully for brokentoy

Spoon-feed If Necessary, PG, by smalltrolven for verucasalt123

Until You Come Back to Me, R, by wednesday_d for marciaelena


ART: Cold war, NC-17, by amberdreams for janie_tangerine

Silence Ain’t My Native Tongue, R, by queerly_it_is for tsuminoaru

The squawking birds won't quit (building nothing, laying bricks), R, by brokentoy for geckoholic

ART: Go on, take a bite!, PG, by angelicfoodcake for dizzzylu

Lettered, PG-13, by kalliel for akadougal

Something We Can't Pronounce, PG, by jacklemmon for kriari

Urban Decay, PG, by comedicdrama for slinkymilinky

Inconsolable, PG-13, by mistalagan for redbells

A Soldier's Reunion, PG, by comedicdrama for whithertits

SPN - Other Pairing=

ART: Trail of pie-crumbs, Girl!Dean/Charlie Bradbury, G, by scarletscarlet for rivkat

ART: Two truths and a lie, Jess/Anna, PG, by counteragent for gold_bluepoint

ART: open up some happiness, Sam/Cas, G, by ordinaryink for de_nugis

ART: Must Love Dogs, Sam/Cas, G, by cassiopeia7 for remivel

Fold 'em, hit 'em, raise 'em up, Dean/Castiel/Sam, NC-17, by dazedrose for sobota

Filthy Fingers, Lisa/Meg, R, by tebtosca for kalliel

Say You Will, Castiel/Lucifer, R, by lies_unfurl for chef_geekier

Give Me What You Need, Soulless!Sam/Gwen Campbell, R, by strangeallure for quickreaver

waiting for the eastern glow, Castiel/Balthazar, PG-13, by janie_tangerine for lies_unfurl

ART: Beautiful Distraction, Jessica Moore/Pamela Barnes, PG, by tringic for elliemurasaki

Hour of Need, Sam/Jody Mills, PG, by killabeez for counteragent

Walking the Straight Line, Pre-Sam/Jody Mills, PG, by transfixeddream for snowpuppies

6:49 AM, Bobby/Ellen, PG-13, by ienablu for boysinperil

Red Penny, Charlie/Jo, NC-17, by kalymnos for balefully

Painting With Shadows, Meg/Lisa, R, by emmram for tringic

All the Cool People, Amy/Sam, PG, by snickfic for inalasahl

ART: A Fighter, a Wizard and a Ranger walk into a clearing.., Jared, Jensen & Misha gen, G, by chef_geekier for comedicdrama

RPS - Jared/Jensen

That could've gone better, PG-13, by yohkobennington for __tiana__

The Sidewinder Sleeps in a Coil, NC-17, by rankwriter for fleshflutter

It’s Been Ages, PG-13, by anyothergirl415 for transfixeddream

Here There Be Monsters, NC-17, by bewaretheides15 for stellamira

Never Was A Guy With Wicked Mind, NC-17, by thebutterflyjar for anyothergirl415

The Importance of Proper Swimwear, NC-17, by remivel for locknkey

You Hit Me Once, I Hit You Back, R, by dugindeep for dephigravity

Days Yet to Come, J2 + Misha, PG, by kelleigh for riyku

Destination Anywhere, teen, by pigeongirl99 for bewaretheides15

“Love in the Shock of the Lightning”, PG, by candygramme for akintay

Running on a One Way Track, R, by stellamira for yanyann

The Hunt, NC-17, by dragonspell for millaje

Birthday Wishes, PG-13, by ellia for angstpuppy

Stars in the Sky (And Questions Why), R, by broompeople for 13chapters

And It's On The Table, R, by homo_pink for checkthemargins

Give Me a Sign, R, by __tiana__ for homo_pink

Innovative Solutions, R, by lemanya for essene

Something's Lost That Must Be Found, R, by shinyslasher for lamapan

All Hands on Deck, R, by callistosh65 for broompeople

RPF - Other Pairing

these close quarters (make my skin grow tight), JDM/Jensen, NC-17, by obstinatrix for writen0w

'Til Kingdom Come, JDM/Jensen, NC-17, by fleshflutter for salty_catfish

Too Hot to Sleep, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, NC-17, by silverraven for dugindeep

Midnight snack, Jared/Jensen/Misha, PG, by wolfrider89 for dazedrose

ART: Born To Run, Jared/Jensen/Jeff, PG, by salty_catfish for rankwriter

Rhinohenge Apocalypse , Jared/Misha, NC-17, by redpine for kindofawkward

It's Only Us, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jensen Ackles, NC-17, by fiercelynormal for minchout

I Want, I Take, JDM/Jensen, NC-17, by dizzzylu for ellia

ART: Untitled, Danneel/Genevieve, NC-17, by kindofawkward for kalymnos

Partner in Crime, Jeff/Jensen, NC-17, by kriari for scarletscarlet

crimefighting, Jensen/Misha, NC-17, by architeuthis for pigeongirl99

Don't Pay Heed to Temptaion, Jared/Misha, NC-17, by mostly10 for architeuthis

Is That Thor’s Hammer in Your Pocket (Or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?), Jared/Misha, NC-17, by akadougal for kelleigh



[VID] Anything You Can Do, Sam, Dean, PG, by colls for jennytork

The Best Laid Plans, Sam, Cas, Dean, PG, by paleonut for cas_novak

[ART] Departures, Sam, Dean, G, by mashimero for salty_catfish

Enemy Within, Charlie and girl!Sam, PG, by elliemurasaki for killabeez

Fealty, Michael, Lucifer, PG, by midnightheir for monicawoe

Hold me Sam, that was Beautiful, Sam, Dean, PG-13, by cydsa for jedisapphire

In Follis Veritas, Sam, Dean, PG, by zubeneschamali for cas_novak

An Influence More Powerful, Sam, Dean, G, by cleflink for keep_waking_up

Into the Burning Heart, Chuck, Lucifer, PG-13, by monicawoe for boysinperil

A Little Fall of Rain, Sam, Dean, PG-13, by madame_naan for akintay

The Perilous Quest of Lord Dean of Winchester, Sam, Dean, Charlie, PG, by jedisapphire for paleonut

Smash, extended TFW, Teen, by shadesofblurple for marlowe78

Student of Humanities, Sam, Cas, G, by jennytork for de_nugis

[ART] Unholy Trinity, Naomi, Kali, Abbadon, PG-13, by lightthesparks for midnightheir

Where He Belongs, Sam, Dean, PG-13, by cas_novak for chomaisky

You Can Chase Right Up and Touch the Sky, Sam, Dean, PG, by marlowe78 for mashimero


Aftermath, PG, by lyryk for colls

Another Side Of All I've Seen, NC-17, by geckoholic for sowell

Beats Cleaning Toilets, NC-17, by cultofcastiel for whithertits

[ART] A Beautiful Boy, G, by angstpuppy for lavishsqualor

Bite Your Tongue And Say Goodbye, PG-13, by flawlessglitch for riyku

Compromising Oxygen, R, by oddishly for snowpuppies

The Dark of Day, R, by meus_venator for tebtosca

Devil's Luck, PG-13, by abominatio for downjune

Doors Left Open, G, by smalltrolven for verucasalt123

Fake It ‘Til You Make It , R, by tifaching for ellecc

I Met a Man Who Wasn't There, NC-17, by blackrabbit42 for irradiant

In the Meantime, R, by marciaelena for cleflink

[ART] Love and War in a City of Ice and Snow, PG, by quickreaver for maerhys

Made A Place to Sweat, NC-17, by akadougal for tattooeddevil

Never Let Me Go, G, by delanach for cydsa

Phoenix Risen, PG, by ellecc for marciaelena

Playing Doctor, R, by keep_waking_up for sonofabiscuit77

Relearning, PG, by signe_chan for lightthesparks

Smokin’ Aces, R, by tattooeddevil for meus_venator

Swimming Lessons, R, by killabeez for lyryk

The Talking Cure, PG-13, by mollyamory for electricalgwen

This is a Place Where I Don’t Feel Alone (This is a Place Where I Feel Like Home), PG-13, by jacyevans for delanach

A Thousand Miles Out of My Mind, NC-17, by akintay for deirdre_c

Together in the Dark, also Sam/Jess, NC-17, by whithertits for tifaching

Under Hill, PG, by cordelia_gray for amberdreams

We Found Love in a Hopeless Place, R, by sonofabiscuit77 for silverraven

What? Again?, NC-17, by moondansr for locknkey

When It Rains, PG-13, by lavishsqualor for blackrabbit42


The Autocorrect Incident, PG-13, by jokerindisguise for shadesofblurple

[ART] Cheers, G, by chef_geekier for shadowvalkyrie

Don't Feel Like It Should, PG, by rockstarpeach for threeonetwo

I Love You. I Hate You. And Yet I Love You., PG, by moonbeamdancer for signe_chan

"I said, "Then I lost it all." And who can save me now?", NC-17, by dazedrose for comedicdrama

Info-Dump, PG-13, by sherry_doll for jokerindisguise

It's Always Sunny at Area 51, PG-13, by kototyph for balder12

Let Me Show You, Mature, by lostferret for cultofcastiel

Took so long for me to realize, PG-13, by shadowvalkyrie for petite_madame

We Were Just Fine, PG-13/R, by viviansface for wolfrider89

[ART] The Wall Between Us , R, by chomaisky for sherry_doll

SPN - Other Pairings

Angels We Have Heard on High, Dean/Gabriel, R, by lies_unfurl for moonbeamdancer

Better to Light a Candle, Sam/Cas, PG, by laurificus for cordelia_gray

Big Hands I Know You're the One, Cas/Meg, NC-17, by boysinperil for fleshisyummy

Do Over, Sam/Dean/Cas, NC-17, by saltandbyrne for dazedrose

The Dos and Don'ts of Doing Winchesters, Sam/Dean/Cas, NC-17, by threeonetwo for saltandbyrne

Handprint on the Driver's Side , Sam/Jo, R, by tebtosca for gold_bluepoint

[ART] I Yearn, Dean/Benny, PG, by amberdreams for yohkobennington

[ART] Let’s Play Superheroes, Alona/Genevieve, PG, by tringic for broompeople

Moonshine, Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC-17, by skylinehorizon for moondansr

The Most Special, The Most Lonely, Sam/Kevin, R, by downjune for annie46

My Rugged Heart, Sam/Dean/Jo, PG-13, by mimblexwimble for quickreaver

Nothing But Time, Ruby/Anna, R, by strangeallure for eternal_moonie

Nothing Ends, Dean/Ruby/Sam, Mature, by fleshisyummy for jacyevans

The Quest of Queen Charlie, Charlie/Lisa, PG, by wolfrider89 for sistabro

Roads Washed Away, Dean/Benny, R, by yohkobennington for geckoholic

Still Raining, Still Dreaming, Sam/Cas, R, by balder12 for madame_naan

Synergy, Sam/Dean/Jess, PG, by snowpuppies for runedgirl

Take Lots with Alcohol, Balthazar/Castiel, PG-13, by wildirerose for lostferret

Time Out, Sam/Cas, NC-17, by verucasalt123 for kototyph

[ART] The Undone and the Divine, Ruby/Anna, PG, by gold_bluepoint for elliemurasaki

We Are Only Free Inside These Walls, Meg/Cas, R, by locknkey for wildirerose

[ART] When You Put It Like That, Bela, Victor, PG, by salty_catfish for tringic

Wolfpack, Gordon/Sam, Dean, R, by sowell for mimblexwimble

You Were Meant for Me (Perhaps as Punishment), Meg/Cas, R, by snickfic for smalltrolven


Diving Into Summer, R, by electricalgwen for brutti_ma_buoni

Freedom, NC-17, by annie46 for hybridshade

I’d Like to Personally Thank the Man Who Invented Tequila, NC-17, by deirdre_c for homo_pink

Jared’s Good Boy, NC-17, by silverraven for viviansface

Large Enough to Hold a Man, PG, by homo_pink for flawlessglitch

One More Miracle, NC-17, by riyku for tipsy_kitty

Right Place, Right Time, NC-17, by stellamira for skylinehorizon

Said the Spider to the Fly, R, by bertee for clex_monkie89

Stick in the Mud, PG, by morrezela for abominatio

A Thin Veneer, PG-13, by hybridshade for raise_the_knife

Two Hands, One Shaft, PG, by dugindeep for angstpuppy

Uncontested, NC-17, by fleshflutter for dugindeep

Under Electric Candlelight, NC-17, by tipsy_kitty for fiercelynormal

Under My Umbrella Drink, R, by counteragent for morrezela

RPF - Other Pairings

Blame It On The Rain, Jared/Jensen/Danneel, NC-17, by runedgirl for counteragent

Brave New Planet, Jared/Gen, PG-13, by brutti_ma_buoni for snickfic

Hat Trick, Misha/Jared, R, by ghostyouknow27 for akadougal

Land of Plenty, Jeff/Jensen, R, by rosereddawn for fleshflutter

Love at First Broken Tailbone, Genevieve/Misha, PG, by minchout for scarletscarlet

The Oldest Trick in the Book, Jensen/Misha, NC-17, by riyku for rockstarpeach

One Thing After Another, Adrianne/Genevieve, PG-13, by stripytights for chemm80

Stars & Nebulas, Jensen/Misha, Teen, by sa_kun for rockstarpeach

Stricken, Jared/Jensen/Jeff, NC-17, by raise_the_knife for stellamira

Sweet Abandon, pre-Adrianne/Genevieve, PG, by broompeople for stripytights

Take Me Under, Jeff/Jensen, NC-17, by fiercelynormal for minchout

[ART] Thursday, 6am Jeff/Jensen, PG (NSFW), by scarletscarlet for rosereddawn

Under the Bridge , Jared/Misha, PG, by irradiant for kindofawkward

[ART] Untitled, Misha/Jared, NC-17, by kindofawkward for ghostyouknow27

[ART] Who Doesn't Like Giant Bunnies?, Jensen/Misha, All Audiences, by petite_madame for sa_kun



Playing the Part by annie46 for agelade

All the lonely people by balder12 for peas_fics

Ground State by brutti_ma_buoni for tifaching

[ART] The Great Outdoors by comedicdrama for majorenglishesq

Theology by delanach for tattooeddevil

Daemonion fieri by jackiebeckett for ljunattainable

Of Strip Clubs and Alcohol by kingzgurl for stylishelf

[ART] Are you gonna leave me now? by lightthesparks for yanyann

Chevaux de Frise by peas_fics for de_nugis

Hamburger for the injured soul by shifty_gardener for jackiebeckett

The hunt is a lie by sirmoosealot for cordelia_gray

Shudder, or, The Fine Art of Fear by soserendipity for boysinperil

Little Monsters. by stylishelf for shifty_gardener

You Pick The Room by hunters_retreat for colls

Awesome in autumn red by yanyann for paleonut


And still this heart will yearn for you by marciaelena for jenirivera

Starving by agelade for chickcheney

Here, The Place We Wondered Off the Map by akintay for fiercelynormal

The Long Game by paperbackwriter for thursdaysisters

Obedience by blackrabbit42 for irradiant

Leave Your Light On by chickcheney for vyperdd

[ART] The End and the Beginning by chomaisky for hybridshade

[VID] Turn the car around by colls for cleflink

Paradise by the Dashboard Light by fiercelynormal for locknkey

[ART] Tuck the moon into the ground by glovered for maerhys

Your Fields So Green Can Whisper Tales of Gore by homo_pink for songoftheroad

somewhere else, transformed, transfigured by irradiant for riyku

Spring Thaw by locknkey for delanach

Vacation by maryjo24 for akintay

But here my heart began to bleed ... by minchout for maryjo24

In Heat by scoutslog for cassiopeia7

Stay Tonight by safiyabat for missyjack

Dark Ramble by smalltrolven for minchout

If You Ever Need Reminidng by songoftheroad for disreputabled0g

Space Oddity by sonofabiscuit77 for amberdreams

Proposition by tammyrenh for skeletncloset

Bird Watching by tattooeddevil for riverofwind

Blood Runs Crazy by tebtosca for quickreaver

Dressed Up to Impress by viviansface for deirdre_c

Won't You Be Heard by vyperdd for tammyrenh

[ART] A Song of Ink and Fire by petite_madame for blackrabbit42


How to Get Fired and Rehired by darkforetold for chef_geekier

Gimme Three Steps by irlyh8cornnuts for kingzgurl

Cicero by jenirivera for petite_madame

Grocery Shopping With Cas by jokerindisguise for wishme

Learned Behaviour by kototyph for sherry_doll

First times are overrated by ljunattainable for comedicdrama

Motivation by missyjack for wincechesters

Marine Research by lysanatt for clotpolelis

So Quite New by rockstarpeach for afreezingnote

Finding The Truth In A Dark Place by spn_artsy for darkforetold

Dark Knights by wishme for jokerindisguise

SPN - Other Pairings

Tailored Love by afreezingnote for shadowvalkyrie

Greeting the Monster in Our Easter Dresses by akadougal for smalltrolven

Swelter by baredwolf for kototyph

Still Waters by bertee for suliet4ever

Positive Thinking for Megalomaniacs by boysinperil for lies_unfurl

[ART] Miss May, I .. (think I love you.) by cassiopeia7 for raeka_nite

Look's Like Rain's Coming by chef_geekier for snickfic

[ART] Baby It's Cold Outside by chef_geekier for duckondebut

Summer Wind by choc_freckles for baredwolf

The Play's the Thing by clotpolelis for irlyh8cornnuts

[ART] Coronation Day by counteragent for scoutslog

Three Things by de_nugis for balder12

[ART] Old Souls, New Tricks by disreputabled0g for spn_artsy

Blood and Water by duckondebut for safiyabat

Welcome Home by jalu2 for runedgirl

All That Is Gone by lies_unfurl for stripytights

Nesting in Hyde Park by majorenglishesq for choc_freckles

All Good Things by monicawoe for indiachick

Hypocritical by raise_the_knife for counteragent

[ART] Ardere by riverofwind for madebyme_x

Hell Geeks by suliet4ever for broompeople

Babylon Bride by thursdaysisters for monicawoe

Call Me ... Maybe? by wincechesters for sirmoosealot


The Texas Resistance by amberdreams for yohkobennington

[ART] Confidential by becc_j for fleshflutter

Kiss Me Once by cleflink for chomaisky

Turntable by deirdre_c for homo_pink

Planting A Seed by dugindeep for stellamira

The fifth tail by ephermeralk for keep_waking_up

In the shadowplay by fleshflutter for necrora

Interstellar by hybridshade for ephermeralk

Amour Fou by indiachick for akadougal

Air and Earth by keep_waking_up for tebtosca

The Awakening by madebyme_x for becc_j

Present Tense by riyku for sonofabiscuit77

Do You Still Believe In Love, I Wonder by runedgirl for raise_the_knife

But You and Me by by stellamira for ashtraythief

we were lovers in the great collapse by stripytights for viviansface

Filling in the space for by yohkobennington for paperbackwriter

RPF - Other Pairings

Across the Universe by ashtraythief for bertee

Crime and Sugar by broompeople for jalu2

One Small Misstep by brutti_ma_buoni for dugindeep

for a smile they can share the night by necrora for annie46

[ART] Our Last Summer by quickreaver for brutti_ma_buoni



[ART] before the dawn by femmechester for lyryk Sam & Dean

Sea Change by troll_la_la for amberdreams Sam & Dean gen

Partners in Crime by kcscribbler for becc_j Sam & Dean gen

Hiatus by wings128 for cleflink Sam & Dean gen

Challenge Accepted by domesticadvs for jennytork Sam & Dean gen

Keys to the kingdom yet to come. by yohkobennington for sophiap Sam & Dean gen

Hide and Go Seek by cydsa for zara_zee Sam & Dean gen

The Book of Abel by madebyme_x for quickreaver Sam & Demon!Dean gen

Lowest Frequency by peas_fics for de_nugis Sam & Gadreel gen

the age of miracles by de_nugis for colls Sam and Jody gen

Contraband by jennytork for shifty_gardener Bobby & Crowley gen

Postlapsarian by balder12 for peas_fics Cain & Abel gen

Crash Course by patriciatepes for missyjack Castiel gen

When the Morning Stars Sang Together by smalltrolven for morganoconner Castiel and Gabriel gen

[ART] I am become... by sophiap for boysinperil Dean & Death gen

The Stories That Will Be Told by chef_geekier for siennavie Death gen

The Few The Proud by boysinperil for citrusjava Sam, Dean, & John gen

stipendium peccati by duckondebut for troll_la_la Sam, Charlie, & Jody gen

The Junk in Baby's Trunk by tammyrenh for kcscribbler Sam, Dean, & Charlie gen

[VID] I Am Woman by colls for zelda_zee Jody & Donna gen


[ART] The First of Many by petite_madame for blackrabbit42

[ART] For Your Eyes Only by necrora for saltandbyrne

[ART] When all is said and done by becc_j for stripytights

[ART] Side Tie Shorties by sammycolt24 for themegalosaurus

[ART] Hydra by riverofwind for yohkobennington

No Burden by paperbackwriter for all_the_damned

Show Me My Heart by souslelys for chomaisky

Letters from a Half-Finished Boy by homo_pink for gojyochan

Punishment by keep_waking_up for hybridshade

The Ways In Which We Fall by jalu2 for ivory_angel99

Sexual Healing by gojyochan for keep_waking_up

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by blackrabbit42 for marciaelena

Hope You Got a Minute, Hope You Want Me In It by ivory_angel99 for petite_madame

Frozen Truths by viviansface for road_rhythm

I Want You by sonofabiscuit77 for skeletncloset

Car Wash by tifaching for smalltrolven

Lay Waste the Sky by stripytights for soulmatecest

love story by marciaelena for tifaching

be still by tekuates for cydsa preslash

[ART] Please, can I touch... by amberdreams for homo_pink Smith/Wesson

[ART] "Souls Are Overrated" by quickreaver for sonofabiscuit77 Soulless!Sam/Dean

suspended, still by raise_the_knife for vyperdd


Love In the 21st Century by jokerindisguise for darkforetold

Sweet Sixteen by majestic_duxk for jokerindisguise

The Devil You Say by darkforetold for thursdaysisters

The Feast Day of Santa Muerte by thursdaysisters for disreputabled0g

SPN - Other Pairings

O were my love yon Lilac fair by kototyph for femmechester Sam/Cas

[ART] Sure to lure someone bad by cassiopeia7 for patriciatepes Jo/Crowley

Let her under your skin by lyryk for mako_lies Jody/Linda

The Joys of Pets by missyjack for chef_geekier Lucifer/Castiel

Conservative Neighborhood by lysanatt for kototyph Sam/Dean, Sam/Cas/Dean

[ART] Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Right Back Home to Me) by twisted_slinky for duckondebut Charlie/Dorothy

[VID] When You Least Expect It by glovered for and_in_dreams14 Dean/Aaron

Purgatory Sucked by and_in_dreams14 for raise_the_knife Dean/Benny

All Worth It by antrazi for theymp Dean/Crowley

That’s What Makes It Fun by frozen_delight for twisted_slinky Dean/Crowley

Pieces by morganoconner for majestic_duxk Dean/Gabriel

I'm Looking for Baggage that goes with Mine by annie46 for riverofwind Sam/Dean, Jess/Dean

Out of Time, Out of Place by fiercelynormal for sammycolt24 Sam/Benny

Nothing Can Come Between Us by locknkey for runedgirl Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/OFC

Surprising Confessions by runedgirl for antrazi Sam/Dean/OFC

Set Out Running by tebtosca for annie46 Sam/Jensen

I'm Sorry by theymp for balder12 Sam/Kevin

Do Angels Dream Of Lollipops And Candy Canes? by vyperdd for tipsy_kitty Sam/Lucifer

[ART] Bubbles by disreputabled0g for wings128 Sam/Pamela/Dean

Finding a throat to choke by oddishly for domesticadvs Sam/Ruby

Better Together by zelda_zee for pathsofpassion Castiel/Sam/Dean

Ignorance by mako_lies for frozen_delight Sam/Sarah

Foxholes by road_rhythm for necrora Anna/Bela/Jo


[ART] Myths or Legends? by sillie82 for souslelys

Wish On the Lidded Blue Flames by skeletncloset for alycat

Men Are From Mars by soulmatecest for brutti_ma_buoni

Various methods of escape by hybridshade for cassiopeia7

[ART] Bonded in Ink by siennavie for ephermeralk

Here be dragons wyvern by zara_zee for fiercelynormal

Drought by all_the_damned for locknkey

I Am the Shadow on the Moon at Night by cleflink for riyku

A Stargazer Am I by stellamira for sillie82

Cemetery Dreams by ephermeralk for tammyrenh

Black Irises and Sunshine by riyku for tattooeddevil

Sings the Streets a Serenade by deirdre_c for tebtosca

Be My Angel? by tipsy_kitty for viviansface

[ART] Only Came for My Princess by chomaisky for madebyme_x

RPF - Other Pairings

Southern Hospitality by saltandbyrne for lady_simoriah Danneel/Jensen/Jared

Director's Cut by lady_simoriah for stellamira Jared/Jensen/Danneel

Second Thoughts by brutti_ma_buoni for jalu2 Genevieve/Adrianne

Stay with me a while by ashtraythief for rockstarpeach Jared/JDM

A Close Shave by beelikej for ashtraythief Jensen/JDM

Moments by alycat for beelikej Jensen/JDM

Early Morning Yesterday by rockstarpeach for lysanatt Jensen/JDM



Last Call, by balder12 for milly_gal Rufus & Bobby Gen

Whatever It Takes, by duckondebut for frozen_delight Sam & Dean gen

Out of Darkness, by madebyme_x for alethiometry Sam & Dean gen

Promenade, by frozen_delight for madebyme_x Sam & Dean gen

The Family Business, by angelofthemoor1 for duckondebut Sam, Claire, & Alex gen

[ART] Even Batman Can Be Scared of Bats, by vilabelle for kcscribbler Sam & Dean gen

[ART] Shadows of Friends, Of Those He Knew, by quickreaver for de_nugis Sam Winchester & Death gen

There’s a place in my heart, in my home, by majestic_duxk for kuwlshadow Dean & Gabriel gen

Blueberry Pancakes, by walking_tornado for cassiopeia7 Sam & Dean gen


[ART] Finally, by milly_gal for stripytights

All that Glitters, by akintay for annie46

As if Birth, by crowroad3 for saltandbyrne

In Case of a Flood, by dawnmay for gojyochan

Twin souls, twin hearts, by excoyote for keep_waking_up

It's a Terrible Apocalypse, by blackrabbit42 for marciaelena Smith/Wesson

Behind this Curtain, by irradiant for maaldas

Touch, by keep_waking_up for canonisrelative

The Road Before Them, by lavishsqualor for amypond45

The Gift, by lyryk for lady_simoriah

From Now Until the End of the World, by marciaelena for riyku

Secondhand, by oobydooby67 for sonofabiscuit77

Voyeur, by sonofabiscuit77 for tifaching

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows, by sophiap for yohkobennington

The Tale of Brittney, Sexually Frustrated Intern of the Damned, by tipsy_kitty for smalltrolven

Strange Love, by viviansface for lyryk

My Big Dark Love, by gojyochan for souslelys

The Comparative Simplicity of Paella, by smalltrolven for oobydooby67

Forgotten Remnants, by stripytights for vyperdd

[ART] once more, with feeling, by marietwist for excoyote


Relics of Old, by little_huntress for alx_diamond

Fire and Ice, by theymp for little_huntress

Heaven and Earth, by polleekin for darcydelaney

SPN - Other Pairings

Never Letting Go, by tifaching for nilozot John/Dean

His Thorny Beauty, by prodigal_anon for reeby10 Meg/Cas

Pretty in Pink, by annie46 for stellamira Sam/Jared

In Troubled Regions, by anactoria for killabeez Sam/Jody

Fire and Revelation, by canonisrelative for balder12 Sam/Kevin

Commencement, by de_nugis for verucasalt123 Sam/Kevin

And I'll Probably Be Happy, by citrusjava for shifty_gardener Jo/Bela

Medium Double-Espresso with Two Pumps of Vanilla, by firefly124 for raths_kitten Sam/Ruby

All Good Fun Until..., by patriciatepes for polleekin Sam/Ruby

Darkness, by jalu2 for theymp Dean/Crowley

A Year and One Day, by kribban for sophiap Dean/Donna

Run-In With Trouble (or Five Times Jess Meets Dean Winchester), by bewarethesmirk for vilabelle Dean/Jess

Give Up the Ghost, by verucasalt123 for jalu2 Demon!Dean/Crowley

Filia Errans, by killabeez for angelofthemoor1 Claire/Alex

[ART] Do Not Cross, by alethiometry for crowroad3 Sam/Jess

[ART] Food is the Way to His Heart, by kuwlshadow for ivory_angel99 Dean/Gabriel

[ART] Ice Cream Date, by petulantcat for majestic_duxk Sam/Dean/Cas

Deal, by biffelderberry for patriciatepes Crowley/Jo

Second Skin, by ivory_angel99 for biffelderberry Dean/Benny

Some Time Off, by reeby10 for anactoria Dean/Benny

With a Little Help From My Friends, by alx_diamond for petulantcat Dean/Cas/OMC

Our Bodies, Ourselves, by nilozot for prodigal_anon Balthazar/Samandriel

Bad Ideas, Good Intentions, by lady_simoriah for firefly124 Charlie/Jo


Not Quite the 4th of July, by amberdreams for blackrabbit42

The Road Not Taken, by amypond45 for irradiant

Dark of the Night, by brutti_ma_buoni for bewarethesmirk

Wake, by cleflink for hateswinters

Superglue, by darcydelaney for amberdreams

Not Quite Romeo & Juliet, by hateswinters for zara_zee

Birds of a Feather (Fall Together), by hybridshade for sinfulslasher

The Voice Among the Stars, by maaldas for cleflink

Copycat, by riyku for all_the_damned

With Astrolabe and Carousel, by saltandbyrne for viviansface

Red Velvet Cake, by soulmatecest for brutti_ma_buoni

Roxanne Red and Scribbled Hearts, by souslelys for wolfize

The Carvery, by vyperdd for quickreaver

Mr & Mr Winchester, by zara_zee for marietwist

Professor Jones, by ashtraythief for dephigravity

Everything's Bigger in Texas, by sinfulslasher for akintay

The Stone Circle, by tammyrenh for ashtraythief

[ART] In the Navy, by dephigravity for petite_madame

[ART] An Afternoon at the Pool, by petite_madame for dawnmay

RPF - Other Pairings

[ART] Character Bleed, by cassiopeia7 for kribban Jensen/Danneel

Zero Degrees Farenheit, by stellamira for tipsy_kitty Jeff/Jared, Jeff/Jared/Jensen

Severed, by all_the_damned for hybridshade Jeff/Jensen

The Benefits of Yoga, by raths_kitten for rockstarpeach Jensen/Misha

Phil "adelphia", by paperlitmus for citrusjava Erica Kripke/Robbie Thompson

Better Shaved Than Sorry, by wolfize for lavishsqualor J2/Daneel

I See What You Did There, by rockstarpeach for emmatheslayer Jared/Misha, Jensen/Matt Cohen

[ART] Hearts and Love, by emmatheslayer for soulmatecest Gen/Daneel



Sweeter than the Flowers by akintay for souslelys

Taking Care of Sammy by annie46 for jelyba_pants

Awash in Flame by bewarethesmirk for marciaelena

Ambiguity by frozen_delight for wolfize

Special Cases by gluedwithgold for non_tiembo_mala

we are all somebody’s monster by last_imperatrix for lyryk

Knights in not so shining armour by majestic_duxk for excoyote

under these darkened skies by marciaelena for sammythankyou [Smith/Wesson]

ART Nothing like murder on the first date by marietwist for canonisrelative [Smith/Wesson]

ART Jody’s last visit by merakieross for milly_gal

Three sheets and counting by milly_gal for boysinthedrift

Love You Wild by non_tiembo_mala for gojyochan

Adventure Awaits by polleekin for annie46

Everywhere There’s Pie by smalltrolven for cassiopeia7

Will the Circle Be Unbroken? by souslelys for fridayblues

ART What's Cooking with Sam and Dean by stargazingchola for yohkobennington


Spoils of War at the End of the World by all_the_damned for dreamsofspike [Castiel/Lucifer!Sam]

Desperate Times by dreamsofspike for kuwlshadow

until we hit the ground by sammyatstanford for cherrylived

as food to life by sammyatstanford for alx_diamond

SPN moresomes

ART Forbidden Wine Tastes So Sweet by kuwlshadow for smalltrolven [Dean/Sam/Rowena]

Oh, Sh*t by mandylynn4 for sammysmitten [Sam/Cas/Jimmy]

Brand New Start by runedgirl for all_the_damned [Sam/Dean/Cas]

hang the stars in the sky by sammysmitten for majestic_duxk [Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/Cas]

fan the moonbeams by wetsammy for lady_simoriah [Sam/Dean/Max/Alicia]

The walls came tumbling down by zara_zee for runedgirl [Sam/Jess/Dean]

Other SPN

A Brief Aside by _lullabelle_ for gatorgurl94 [Sam/Jody]

Moondance by alx_diamond for lies_unfurl [Dean/Cas]

Salve Regina by anactoria for kribban [Dean/Nancy]

ART Lucifer's Lie by gotaprettymouth for vyperdd [Sam/Lucifer]

Denial by biffelderberry for gotaprettymouth [Sam/Lucifer]

Rocks Off by boysinthedrift for de_nugis [Sam/Max Banes]

Four Years and Change by canonisrelative for last_imperatrix [Jody/Donna]

a rabbit as king of the ghosts by de_nugis for themegalosaurus [Sam/Max Banes]

ART He's Watching Us All by disreputabled0g for shifty_gardener [Dean/Cas]

ART Reading the End by glovered for theymp [Dean/Arthur Ketch]

make me a bed, soft as flowers by jelyba_pants for saintsammy [Sam/Benny]

ART Go On! Do Your Worst! by kuwlshadow for biffelderberry [Sam/Lucifer]

Take my umbrella by lady_simoriah for raths_kitten [Dean Smith/Castiel, Dean Smith/Jimmy Novak]

Through the Backwood by lies_unfurl for reeby10 [Dean/Benny]

Hear Me by lies_unfurl for disreputabled0g [Dean/end verse!Dean]

Fly Me To The Glass Moon by lyryk for tardisonameter [Sam/Dean, Claire/Alex]

The Trail of Your Blood in the Snow by lyryk for balder12 [Ruby/Sam, Ruby/Meg]

Talks by patriciatepes for verucasalt123 [Meg/Castiel]

And so it begins by raths_kitten for jalu2 [Dean/Jess]

ART Rainy Day by saintsammy for stargazingchola [Sam/Benny]

Dean, employed and interrupted by shifty_gardener for twisted_slinky [Dean/Crowley]

In Fields of Yarrow by theymp for crowroad3 [Sam/Rowena]

Back Again by verucasalt123 for patriciatepes [Castiel/Meg]

SPN gen

Shadow Boxing by amberdreams for keep_waking_up [Sam & Dean]

ART (Not) From The Journal Of John Winchester by cassiopeia7 for rockstarpeach [Sam & Dean]

Every Grain of Sand by crowroad3 for jennytork [Sam]

Fields of Stars in Bloom by excoyote for madebyme_x [Sam & Dean]

It’s not the having, it’s the getting by gatorgurl94 for furloughday [Jo & Bela]

Honesty by jennytork for frozen_delight [Dean & Crowley]

Rinse. Repeat. by kribban for polleekin [Cas, Ruby]

Familiar Faces by reeby10 for anactoria [Dean & Victor]

Climate Change by themegalosaurus for duckondebut [Amelia Richardson]

Bonfires Green by tipsy_kitty for a_biting_smile [Sam]

Uneasy Lies the Head by twisted_slinky for face70 [Crowley & Sam]

Feel All Better by verucasalt123 for _lullabelle_ [Sam, Dean, Cas]

ART In Another Life by vilabelle for amberdreams [Sam & Dean]


ART Same As It Ever Was by a_biting_smile for troll_la_la

To Slay A Dragon by ashtraythief for stellamira

See Me After Class by blackrabbit42 for bewarethesmirk

Silent Support by cleflink for gluedwithgold

Mama This Surely is a Dream by dugindeep for marietwist

ART I’m Here by fridayblues for twoboys2love

ink on the sheets by gojyochan for dugindeep

Towards the Light by hybridshade for cleflink

Star Bright by keep_waking_up for riyku

Exposed by madebyme_x for backrose_17

ART Star-crossed by petite_madame for sunriserose1023

ART Frost by riverofwind for sammyatstanford

Basketcase by riyku for akintay

Country Songs by riyku for mandylynnd

adrenaline moving through his veins by enablelove for riverofwind

If the sky should tumble and fall by sammythankyou for plaidandwhiskey

Underwater by stellamira for tipsy_kitty

Better Than Imagined by tardisonameter for enablelove

Lunch Break by troll_la_la for petite_madame

Would-be Thieves by walking_tornado for zara_zee

The King (Of Cock) And I by wolfize for blackrabbit42

RPF moresomes

Our Sunshine by backrose_17 for wetsammy [Jared/Jensen/JDM]

Unconventional by sunriserose1023 for hybridshade [Jared/Jensen/JDM]

Other RPF

ART You’re a Flirt by emmatheslayer for ashtraythief [Gen/Adrianne]

Good Taste by rockstarpeach for vilabelle [Jensen/Gen, Jensen/Jared]

Turn the Tables by twoboys2love for emmatheslayer [Jared/JDM]



Know When To Hold 'Em by amypond45 for swan_song21

My Very Own Fairytale by backrose_17 for saintsammy

come, blade, my breast imbue by chris9065 for blackrabbit42

Family by delanach for ashtraythief

Painted Roses by jalu2 for deadlybride

upon the breathless starlit air by marciaelena for wetsammy

Cat Calls by milly_gal for backrose_17

Lookin' At Me Lookin' At You by runedgirl for amypond45

Granting Wishes by snuggledean for gatorgurl94

let me be your fortress by sometimesalways for petite_madame

Where You Go by stripytights for riverofwind

Say I Love You by swan_song21 for stargazingchola

Here's Just Fine by verucasalt123 for milly_gal

Three to four weeks by wetsammy for yohkobennington

I Want To Lay You Down by zubeneschamali for snuggledean

ART At the end of all things by amberdreams for runedgirl

ART Unexpected Reading by stargazingchol for stripytights

ART You and me and five bucks by glovered for d_claiborne

Historically Inaccurate Dinosaurs by marietwist for kuwlshadow

A Day in the Life by canonisrelative for cassiopeia7 [Sam/Dean, Smith/Wesson]

Fluff Is All It Takes by yohkobennington for chris9065 [Smith/Wesson]

SPN Femmeslash

a tip to spin on by lyryk for polleekin [Anna/Ruby]

Go Wherever You Wanna Go by tipsy_kitty for lyryk [Charlie/Billie]

(Un)Spoken by lies_unfurl for canonisrelative [Donna/Jody]

Other SPN

Symbiosis by deadlybride for reeby10 [John/Dean]

Poetry by theymp for septembers_coda [Sam/Castiel]

History/Entertainment/Sports and Leisure by de_nugis for verucasalt123 [Sam/Castiel]

A Righteous Man by polleekin for lies_unfurl [Dean/Cas]

ART Strange Love Between An Angel And A Human by kuwlshadow for knowmefirst [Dean/Cas]

ART Just our love by emmatheslayer for jalu2 [Dean/Jess]

We Both Know What You Are by kribban for delanach [Dean/Victor]

SPN gen

ART Breeding Lilacs Out Of The Dead Land by cassiopeia7 for marciaelena [Max & Alicia Barnes]

Affirmation by gatorgurl94 for maaldas [Sam & Dean]

ART Tongue Twister by merakieross fornamberdreams [Sam & Dean]

As Weird as it Gets by reeby10 for dragonflybeach [Bobby & Rufus]

ART The first snowfall of the year by petite_madame forjennytork [Sam & Dean]

The Last Day of the Apocalypse by jennytork for madebyme_x [Sam & Dean]

Glory Days by madebyme_x for vyperdd [Sam & Dean]

ART I Know What Zombies Are Now! by saintsammy for theymp [Sam & Jack]

The Amber of This Moment by septembers_coda for kribban [Sam & Jack]


Lead Me To Your Door by blackrabbit42 for storyspinner70

Dreams in Darkest Night by cleflink for jdl71

we ain't ever getting older by d_claiborne for dawnmay

The Chase by dragonflybeach for quickreaver

(A)Stray by raths_kitten for gotaprettymouth

Can You Hear Me? by souslelys for cleflink

Balancing Your Rack by storyspinner70 for marietwist

ART What We Do in the Shadows by riverofwind for tipsy_kitty

Rest Now by gluedwithgold for souslelys

The Emissary by maaldas for merakieross

Other RPF

The Redhead, the Raven Girl and the Boy by quickreaver for lady_simoriah [Jared/Jensen/Gen/Danneel]

possibly, maybe (i'm falling for you) by dawnmay for the_rant_girl [Jensen/Danneel]

ART Say Cheese! by knowmefirst for raths_kitten [Jensen/Danneel]

It's Cold Outside The Covers by the_rant_girl for stellamira [Jensen/Jared/Danneel]

Magnet by stellamira for gluedwithgold [Jared/Jensen, Jared/Jensen/JDM]

What's In A Name by ashtraythief for sometimesalways [Jensen/JDM]

Hold the Coffee by jdl71 for emmatheslayer [Jensen/Matt]



My Heart is Yours by backrose_17 for chris9065

Ghost Ship by whispered_story for the entire spnspringfling community

Tramps Like Us by amypond45 for tammyrenh

Keeping It Quiet by jdl71 for a_biting_smile

Dead Man Walking by madebyme_x for jdl71

ART "You should see the other guy!" by petite_madame for gluedwithgold

Electrico Romantico by sammythankyou for sometimesalways

bloodsport by chris9065 for smalltrolven

Safe Haven by stellamira for whispered_story

Destroy in a Day by stripytights for amypond45

Other RPF

Solid Ground by mamabug1981 for the_rant_girl [Jensen/Danneel]

Little spy by chiliscale for emmatheslayer [Colin Ford/Jensen]

ART I Do by dalnimmoonlight for mamabug1981 [Jared/Rich Speight Jr]

Flowers by obstinatrix for tipsy_kitty [Jeff/Jared]

RPF moresomes

Coming Home by the_rant_girl for dugindeep [Jensen/Danneel/Jared]

Up To No Good by raths_kitten for stellamira [Jared/Jensen/Jeff]


submerged by themegalosaurus for annie46 [Sam/Jensen]


Bruises on My Skin and Heart by whispered_story for amberdreams

In the Place Where You Are by verucasalt123 for theymp

In the Closet by gotaprettymouth for alyndra

the youngest, the eldest, and the reaper makes three by sweetheartdean for sammythankyou

Breathing, Talking, Dead Man Walking by monicawoe for sweetheartdean

Time Running Out by firealchemist18 for petite_madame

The difference between shooting stars and satellites by sometimesalways for backrose_17

Ours Is The Darkest Path by ashtraythief for obstinatrix

Bitumen Kiss by a_biting_smile for lady_simoriah

When Gentlemen Agree To Disagree by smalltrolven for firealchemist18

When the Levee Breaks by wingstocarryon for verucasalt123

The Last Ride by tammyrenh for ashtraythief

Blow Away With This New Sun by jalu2 for stripytights

Til I fade by caffeinechester for blindswandive

triptych by marciaelena for shifty_gardener

Sam by jalu2 for excoyote

Lightfingers by oddishly for gotaprettymouth


Hand of Fate by killabeez for de_nugis

The Saxophone Sound of Midnight by annie46 for theatregirl7299

i saw a video essay about this, once by duckondebut for killabeez

SPN femmeslash

Stillwater by glovered for zubeneschamali [Jody/Donna]

Jody's Secret by lies_unfurl for glovered [Jody/Donna]

Fivemile Butte by boysinperil for lies_unfurl [Kaia/Claire]

SPN moresomes

Down the Rabbit Hole by disneymagics for majestic_duxk [Sam/Dean/Cas]

Fantasy Free Me by SueDeeNimh for chiliscale [Sam/Dean, Sam/Dean/John]

Andante by lady_simoriah for themegalosaurus [Sam/Rowena/Castiel]

Other SPN

ART Soulmates by crafting-archangel for dalnimmoonlight [Sam/Gabriel]

The Pasta Cure for the Hungry and Stressed-Out by theymp for crafting_archangel [Sam/Gabriel]

Spring by blindswandive for all_the_damned [Sam/Castiel, Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean]

Second Chances by all_the_damned for raths_kitten [Dean/Castiel]

ART Midnight in the Garden by discosuitsam for caffeinechester [endverse!Sam/Lucifer]

Imago by road_rhythm for discosuitsam [Sam/Lucifer]

ART Too Good To Be True by emmatheslayer for canonisrelative [Max/Sam]

SPN gen

The Devil is in the Details by theatregirl7299 for monicawoe [Sam and Dean]

All Cats Are Grey by gluedwithgold for disneymagics [Sam and Dean]

The Week After by excoyote for finchandsparrow [Sam and Dean]

a scene from the bunker in the middle of the night by birdsofhesoul for madebyme_x [Sam and Dean]

Stitches by dugindeep for tifaching [Sam and Dean]

Somewhere Between the Soul and Soft Machine by zubeneschamali by ellerkay [Sam and Dean]

the things you wanted (I bought them for you) by manceada for birdsofthesoul [Sam and Dean]

Monster by ellerkay for tyrsibs [Sam and Jack]

ART The Weresnake by saintsammy for wetsammy [Sam and Jack]

Let Them Leave You Up In The Air by tyrsibs for saintsammy [Sam and Jack]

Mercies by de_nugis for wingstocarryon [Sam and Magda]

Mutuality by wetsammy for amicablyevil [Sam and Rowena]

Law of Contagion by amicablyevil for harplesscastiel [Sam, Cas and Rowena]

Soft Smiles and Gentle Days by majestic_duxk for boysinperil [TFW]

she and you and you and he by canonisrelative for marciaelena [Max and Alicia Banes]

Reverberate by finchandsparrow for duckondebut [Eileen]

So Let It Be Written by tipsy_kitty for road_rhythm [Gordon]

ART This is how you remind me (of what I really am) by amberdreams for jalu2 [Dean]



Jared/Jensen Through Thick by yohkobennington for chaoticallyevil

The Blanket by the_rant_girl for stellamira

A Percent of the Truth by stripytights for theatregirl7299

The Invitation by tammyrenh for sammichgirl

The Coffee Thing by stellamira for backrose_17

beneath the blue by sammichgirl for jdl71

Other RPF

Musings by antrazi for raths_kitten [Jensen/Rob]

Love me tender, love me true by chaoticallyevil for emmatheslayer [Jared/Jeff]

Night Out by raths_kitten for the_rant_girl [Jensen/Danneel]


Sam/Dean Blondes die first by oddishly for jalu2

Our Broken Fairy Tale by marciaelena for amypond45

There And Gone by verucasalt123 for stripytights

First Morning After by excoyote for sometimesalways

Here with me by sometimesalways for tammyrenh

Fear is the Heart of Love by blackrabbit42 for sammythankyou

Two of Us by amypond45 for yohkobennington

Baba Yaga and the Winchesters by theatregirl7299 for excoyote

No Sex Talk Over Dinner by backrose_17 for theymp


I Know You by canonisrelative for cassiopeia7

I Like What I See by jdl71 for merenwen76

[ART] Saving it for the healthclub by amberdreams for oddishly

Think of my soul by merenwen76 for blackrabbit

We took a backroad in my heart by sammythankyou for canonisrelative

Maybe Spring Winds by smalltrolven for firesign10

Other SPN Pairings

[ART] Eternal Flame by glovered for birdsofthesoul [Dean/Crowley]

Blood Memory by themegalosaurus for monicawoe [Sam/Ruby]

Three Days In and the Rest of Our Lives by tifaching for sweetheartdean [Dean/Lisa]

Home Free by tyrsibs for themegalosaurus [Sam/Rowena]

[ART] Boys of Spring by saintsammy for glovered [Sam/demon!Brady]

The World Is No Longer Mysterious by jalu2 for gigis89 [Sam/Dean/Jess]

[ART] We Love Taylor by emmatheslayer for boysinperil [Donna/Jody]

Fever Dreams by firesign10 for verucasalt123 [Sam/Rowena]

SPN gen

[ART] End of the Road by quickreaver for amberdreams [Sam & Dean]

[ART] All I Know by cassiopeia7 for marciaelena [Max & Alicia Banes]

Invincible by boysinperil for duckondebut [Eileen and Jody]

Fool's Errand by gigis89 for tyrsibs [Sam & Rowena]

Over the Rainbow by theymp for saintsammy [Sam & Jack, implied Sam/Castiel]

breathing in your dust by birdsofthesoul for tifaching [Sam & Dean]

maybe, Mary, things got scary by sweetheartdean for smalltrolven [Sam & Dean]

All You Have Is Your Fire by monicawoe for quickreaver [Dean, Sam, John, Azazel]