SPN Eldritch Bang

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Name: SPN Eldritch Bang
Date(s): 2018 - 2020
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: Tumblr
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SPN Eldritch Bang is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, focused on horror tropes. Writers had to write a minimum of 5000 words for a mini-bang or 15,000 words for a big bang.



Flesh and Blood by julia-sets​ with art by incompetentpigeon​ (Gen, R)

The Last Rites and Resurrection of Sam Winchester by chestercbennington​ with art by quickreaver​ (Sam/Dean, PG13)

Venom by tifachang with art by twisted_slinky (Gen, PG13)

The Watcher by boykvngs with art by artherra (Gen, PG13)

The Bennington Triangle by nerdygeekypastrychef with art by spunsugarj2fantasy (Sam/Dean, PG13)

The way in by siriala with art by saintedsam (Sam/Dean, NC17)

Living Legends by alyndra9 with art by sandy79 (Gen, PG13)

The Malevolent Sea by firesign10 with art by merakierosart (Sam/Dean, NC17)

Virulent Tides by neonbat666 with art by kuwlshadow (Gen, PG13)

The Seventeenth Step by weefaol with art by sammytoyourclyde (Gen, implied Sam/Dean, NC17)

Something in the Fog by malmuses with art by be_my_precious (Dean/Cas, NC17)

Let’s Play a Game (Changing Channels: The Saw Version) by storyspinner70 with art by oddsocksandstuff (Sam/Dean, NC17)

Too Late to Pray by caffeinechesters with art by threshasketch (Gen, PG13)

Raining Blue by tragidean with art by harplesscastiel (Dean/Cas, NC17)

Twisted: A Light in the Darkness by wincest_whore with art by winchesterchola (Sam/Dean, NC17)

Make Angels of Us All by monicawoe with art by amberdreams1960 (Gen, PG13)

a long hard day, a long hard night by zmediaoutlet with art by armellin (Sam/Dean, NC17)


His Soul To Keep (gen, teen) - fic by monicawoe and art by sweetheartdean

The Past Comes Back To Haunt You (gen, teen) - fic by sakarrie and art by chiisana-sukima

Midnight on the Midway (gen, mature) - fic by firesign10 and art by geeru

The Nine Doors (Sam/Dean, Dean/OMC, explicit) - fic by nerdygeekypastrychef​ and art by phoenix1966sbottom​

Journal Of A Mad Man (gen, teen) - fic by ice-magician and art by cross-road-blues-blog

Suffocation (gen, mature) - fic by storyspinner70 and art by kirathehyrulian

Zero Sum (gen, teen) - fic by koedeza and art by boykvngs

Evidence of Things Not Seen (gen, mature) - fic by chickcheney and art by twobrothersfuckingeachother

Second of Death (gen, mature) - fic by captain-sodapop​ and art by amberdreams1960

Fighting with My Demon (Sam/Dean, explicit) - fic by jdl71 and art by emmatheslayer

Dead Water Respiration (Sam/Jess, mature) - fic by jamesjirk​ and art by trisscar368

Everything For You (Sam/Rowena/Ruby, explicit) - fic by spiralicious and art by blindswandive

The Cabin (Dean/Sam, explicit) - fic by wetsammywinchester and art by m-stoltz

The Torment of Tyson Brady (Sam/Brady, mature) - fic by abttraitors and art by emmatheslayer

Beneath Our Blackened Hearts (Sam/Dean, explicit) - fic by deansmixtape​ and art by huntress79​

Obsession: Dark Desires (Sam/Dean, explicit) - fic by wincest_whore and art by kirathehyrulian

Strigoi (Dean/Cas, mature) - fic by bees0are0awesome and art by blindswandive

Chthonic Claim (Dean/Cas, teen) - fic by kitmistry and art by galaxystiel

Hyalus (Sam/Dean, explicit) - fic by thnks-fr-th-samulet and art by trisscar368

The Fall of The Bunker of Winchester (Sam/Jack, explicit) - fic by theymp and art by emmatheslayer

Intoxicated with Fear (Sam/Jack, explicit) - fic by caffeinechesters and art by saintedjack

The Oncoming Shadow (Crowley/Michael, explicit) - fic by phoenyxnova and art by bees0are0awesome

Presence, at Risk of Absence (Sam/Dean, explicit) fic by embersdevine and art by spunsugarj2fantasy

Nothing Else Matters (Sam/Dean, teen) - fic by winchesterpandemic and art by bees0are0awesome

Hell’s Safe (gen, teen) - fic by samatedeansbroccoli and art by bees0are0awesome

A Dark Reflection (In You, In Me) (Sam/Dean, Explicit) - fic by buticancarryyou and art by phoenix1966sbottom


The Case of Thistledown House (Wincest, mature) - fic by firesign10 and art by phoenix1966sbottom

Checking Out (gen, mature) - fic by thanks-tacos and art by girlinthemirrorbluenight-library

Strange Ways (gen, teen) - fic by abttraitors (mukur0) and art by amberdreams1960

Killer Creeper (gen, mature) - fic by oddsocksandstuff and art by saintedjack

Precious (Michael/Dean, explicit) - fic by fledgesfancies and art by blindswandive

The Very Same Trap (gen, mature) - fic by thelegendofwinchester and art by marsajar

Buried at Sea (gen, teen) - fic by shadowhundingdauntlessdemigod and art by soluscheese

Susurration (pre-wincest, mature) - fic by nerdypastrychef and art by dwimpala-67

This Soul With Sorrow Laden (wincest, explicit) - fic by amypond45 and art by spunsugarj2fantasy

Alice the True Mad Hatter (wincest, mature) - fic by sweet-sammy-kisses​ and art by emmatheslayer

Devil Child (gen, teen) - fic by @captain-sodapop and art by cassiopeia7

The Hotel on the Edge of Forever (gen, teen) - fic by theymp and art by m-stoltz

Tunnel (destiel, explicit) - fic by deansrightfulangerissue and art by bees0are0awesome

Transformation (wincest, explicit) - fic by jld71 and art by kirathehyrulian

Behold the Beast, Behold the Lamb (gen, mature) - fic by monicawoe and art by quickreaver

Gift or Curse? (wincest/swesson, explicit) - fic by kynthosmojo and art by midnightsilver

Torn Hopes (Destiel, explicit) - fic by purgatorys-fallen-angel​ and art by armellin​

Hunger (gen, explicit) - fic by wincestbitchtits and art by quickreaver

The Eye The Star and the Portal (Wincest, explicit) - fic by deansmixtape (smalltrolven) and art by kirathehyrulian